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A Few Words About Us

New Vision Digital brings you tailored solutions to meet your needs and budget. Our promise is to provide with an enthusiastic team to deliver maximum returns for every click. We are passionate about keeping you one step ahead of the competition through continual innovation.

We are proud to be amongst the digital marketing agencies who are Google Partners and accredited Bing Professionals. You can therefore rest assured that our services are designed entirely to deliver the best results for your business.

At NVD, we believe a happy client is like a magnetic field, capable of drawing more business to you
Our Team
Our Strength
Sumit Tayal
Founder & CEO

Sumit Tayal, founder and CEO, is the man behind the success of New Vision Digital as a digital marketing company. His analytical bend of mind and in-depth understanding of business processes has established New Vision Digital as one of the leading names in the digital marketing industry. His exposure to different cultures has helped him to come up with innovative business approaches delivering measured benefits to clients focussing on robust regional and global presence.

Aditya Singhal
Delivery Head

Aditya is a “powerhouse” of ideas playing a key role as Delivery Head in NVD. He is excellent in ensuring client needs are met and contributes to developing solutions. He strengthens delivery capabilities with his incessant energy. When not working, he loves to party and believes in “Work Hard, Party Harder!”

Sudhanshu Arora

Sudhanshu will be the primary point of contact between NVD and you. He is the core business developer of NVD and shapes out company’s structure towards uprising growth. Being a happy go lucky person at heart, he is brainy and excels in the art of molding situations and providing flexible solutions. His principle of a fulfilled life is ‘work until it speaks for itself’.

Kushagra Singh

Kushagra is the sales generation pundit and is a valuable resource for New Vision Digital. He is amazing at driving new business utilizing his business acumen. Kushagra is a proud member of BNI and is always happy to encourage and help the team. He is incredible at maintaining the quality of consumer services. Apart from being a workaholic, Kushagra is ardent in trekking and travelling. He is an adventure freak! While you are reading this, he might be busy packing for his next trip!

Deeksha Sharma
Assistant Manager
Digital Marketing

Focused professional with extensive experience in handling all the aspects of Digital marketing from initiation to conclusion. An astute observer she has an eye for detail and strives to achieve perfection at work. Her buoyant personality ensures team productivity and she takes it upon herself to handle client services task on a daily basis.

Raunak Gangwar

Raunak is an adept at handling day-to-day multi-channel tactics. He leads the digital marketing operations with his strong digital implementation background. His project management skills have been the firm backbone of our marketing realm. His versatility is the driving force behind his on-time task delivery and capably maintaining the team’s productivity.

Shashank Saxena
Team Lead
Digital Marketing

Shashank’s world revolves around search engines and he leads our SEO squad. Equipped with concrete domain knowledge & experience, he has a deep understanding of the business side. His endeavor to provide the best solutions makes his team happy and clients satisfied.

Kajri Soni

Kajri is the powerhouse center of the office that generates the most offbeat ideas and pushes everyone to explore their limitations. She is responsible for optimizing social media pages for our reputed clients with her bespoke content strategies and customer interactions. She is always on her toes juggling with clients and deadlines with no frown at all.

Sheena Kaul

Sheena is a keyboard warrior and she plays around with words in an incredible way. She understands content creation at a deep level and believes in feeding creatively informative content. She is dexterous at steering all the ships of blogs, on page content, and web blogs that surpass client’s expectations. Her weapon is her creative mind and her strong prowess.

Nisha Lachwani

When it comes to upholding corporate policies and preserving Human resource of the enterprise, Nisha Lachwani is phenomenal in her functioning. With her exceptional communication skills and careful judgment of situations she is the axis point on which NVD revolves. Besides work she loves to travel.

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