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Category Archives: Digital Marketing

Your Guide To Digital Marketing Through Quora

Your Guide To Digital Marketing Through Quora
Building brand’s identity is an important task for any business to flourish. There are numerous tools and techniques that exist to make marketing accessible. Despite the availability of tools and techniques, building an audience base, creating and distributing relevant content marks as the most important task of marketing. If you don’t publicize your work or the services you offer how could you possibly attract target audience. Quora has emerged as a medium to aid and progress conversion rates.


What is Quora?

The first question that strikes is what exactly is Quora? It is an emerging Question and answer platform where an individual has the liberty to ask any question. It can be of any genre from entertainment to technology all kinds of questions are welcome. Any person can type in their answer. The community then votes on the most closely related answer and the one that is most helpful amongst the pool of answers received for a question. This platform is more or less like the LinkedIn’s publishing platform, where you can search in specific questions or topics.

How is Quora a smart place for marketers?

Quora has nearly 775,000 people accessing it in U.S. alone. This signifies that there exist a number of knowledge seekers who are in look out for people to answer their queries. For marketers, the platform is helpful as people can use it to build expertise and authority on the chosen topic. It can be a platform where in you can learn from others, they may be customers, users, or industry experts. You can understand what the audience wishes to know about your genre of work, this includes understanding the psychology that revolves with an industry.

Brand awareness helps people connect with your work better. Here is a guide that will help you with making a mark for your brand on Quora-

  • Entice the target audience – Quora makes it fairly simple to find the interested audience. For instance, Digital marketing is your keyword, search for it in the top bar of Quora. You will be presented a drop down of people who have both asked and answered the questions.Hence, finding the relevant audience starts with typing in related keywords in the search bar.
  • Gaining an insight on the customers’ expectations – After you have punched in the keyword, you have your users, queries and the answers presented to you. Now all you have to do is understand what the user wishes to say. The query made by a user is the problem they are facing, hopefully your brand becomes the solution for it. But, bragging about your products and brands won’t fetch you desired results. You need to be careful when catering the queries. Start by simply answering the query, understanding the problem bothering and suggesting befitting solution. Just gather the right information and step into the next step.
  • Give weightage to the best possible resource – For instance, a person enquires about ‘what is digital marketing?’ what do you do in such a case? A mere definition won’t solve the purpose, and bragging about your product that will explain digital marketing would just put off the relevant audience. So what is the option in hand? A comprehensive guide on the topic in form of an eBook or blog that states the answer is the best possible way makes up for the best resource.
  • Influencer connections on Quora – You will find some of the famous influencers on Quora, you can connect with some of the famous marketing heroes and gain their trust and credibility. The influencer connection can be fruitful for your brand in the long run.


Ways to Generate Quora Traffic

  • Brand Awareness makes the difference – After raising awareness for your brand, you have to learn how to drive in traffic. Answering the right questions that have been asked recently, would be the first step to generating the right traffic. You don’t want to entertain a question that was asked years ago. To dodge such mistakes here are simple rules to follow-
  • Choose a befitting topic.
  • Look for the recently-posted question.
  • Find queries with high up-votes volume.
  • Be on a constant lookout for new and relevant questions.
  • Relevant Content – Writing content that is better than the peers also helps stand out on Quora. This involves, giving a catchy heading, involving some info graphics, real life experience, inspirational quotes, and influencer facts. You don’t need to hold a degree in the subject matter, all you need is an understanding of your brand and how to intelligently pass it on to the audience.
  • Strategically promote on Quora – Optimize your Quora brand profile. Don’t sell anything unnecessary only share products when asked in query. Provide the option of customer support, this will build your credibility with the audience.

This comprehensive guide on Digital Marketing through Quora, ensures you gain an understanding on the Quora functionality. Contact Us to grow your business. We are one of the best digital marketing agency in Noida and Delhi NCR.

How To Budget Your Digital Marketing Strategy ?

Budget Your Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing strategy involves strategizing and allocating budgets. Budgets matter for many reasons. It is required to define set measurable objectives for justifying investments to the stakeholders. Resource allocation is a must so as to prioritize those strategies, channels, and tactics that are lucrative for the business. Over-allocate to the wrong medium and you may end up losing your money. Under-allocate and miss out on some valuable opportunities.  Hence, it is imperative that the budgeting strategy is flexible so that all the new tests can be deployed. Having a strict budget bars your way from instantly profitable investments.

Here are a few tips to help you budget the digital marketing strategy:

  • Clarity of thoughts: The initial step to any strategy is picking a direction and setting a specific goal that needs to be the main focus. For instance, decide what your motive is, whether you wish to enhance your brand awareness? Do you wish to increase your base of customers? These are some of the questions you might want to introspect on before setting a marketing budget. The budget should be decided for a fixed amount of time, setting goals will help you focus on the important things more.
  • Analysis is the key: Analyzing, how much and on what strategies you spent last year? Which amongst them were successful the most? From measuring leads generated, email subscribers to calculating retweets, analysis encompasses it all. At any stage during the marketing lifecycle, a brief detailed analysis needs to be constructed to check if there is something that worked well in the past and has the potential to work in the present scenario as well.
  • Rigorous market research: While you shouldn’t imitate others, you should be aware of what is flourishing in the industry and what is being used and incorporated by competitors. Depending on the strategy decide where you stand in the market, what will be the consequence if something suddenly goes wrong? Don’t just learn from the profits your competitors are making but also learn from their shortcomings. Make sure you don’t commit the same mistake.
  • Calculation: Once you are done with goal setting, analyzing and researching, it’s time to cater the numbers. Use specialized budget calculators that are specially designed for the purpose. The budget is primarily divided into 4 areas: SEO, SMO, PPC and content marketing. Along with these, brand reputation, website development, and conversion optimization also need to be catered.
  • Make an impact – Deciding the amount that needs to be spent is a good start. To make a good impact, few key points need to be considered. Consistency tops the list of essentials, this includes, having the same core message over different mediums. Investing right comes second on the list, inclusive of hiring a full-time web designer, adept social media team, expert professionals to handle search engine optimization.


Digital marketing is becoming prominent each year, more and more people are looking for digital marketing experts to help their business grow. New Vision Digital, a digital marketing agency in Delhi can be your wise partner in calculating and strategizing your budget and providing you service decided finances.

Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2019


With the advent of 2019, the world of digital marketing inclusive of PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, and much more has also witnessed a dramatic shift. The time has arisen, when the world has seen a shift from dismissing artificial intelligence and visual search to now embracing these two techniques. The Digital Marketing trends have greatly witnessed a shift, here are some of the major digital marketing trend in 2019:
Artificial Intelligence – AI has taken over the world. The perks of working on AI is that it can analyze the consumer behaviour and patterns, these are all done using the data from different social media platforms. This research helps the business learn and understand the thinking and approach of customers better. The Facebook messenger bots are one such example that helps you automate and optimize customer service.

Automated Advertising – This programmatic advertising utilizes AI to target a specific group of interested audience. For instance, Real-time bidding and auctions are a type of ad that is programmed. The automation is efficient, faster and yields to higher conversion. This utilization of technology has caught up boom in recent times.
Chatbots – An important part of Digital Marketing in 2019 is the AI-based technology that utilizes instant messaging to strike a conversation in the real-time. This automated technology is called chatbots, which essentially narrows down to chatting robots. You might have come across Uber chatbots, it is utilized to communicate with the customers. The chatbots make the interface look more user-friendly.
Personalization – personalizing market essentially means personalized content, emails, products, and much more. The availability of purchase history links clicked, and custom content makes it easier for businesses to relate better with the audience and understand every aspect better. Personalization means maximizing enjoyment and downsizing the search time.
Video Marketing – Video marketing has emerged as a lucrative option since people tend to retain visual content better than readable content. To witness an upscale in the engagement of your social media post, you can resort to video marketing. YouTube and other videos make it to the SERPs, hence video SEO has gained a lot of popularity. Video marketing has an interactive experience that makes it easier for the audience to connect with you better.
Influencer Marketing – It is kind of a word-of-mouth marketing strategy that utilizes a famous celebrity face or someone with an overwhelming following on social media. What this essentially does is, your brand gets a known face to do subtle marketing for you, and instead of paying different mediums you reach out to the influencer to spread the word for you. It is an inevitable fact that people feel comfortable in human interaction when a person endorses your product on their social media platform this brings in more credibility to your brand than even a celebrity doing a TV ad campaign.
Visual Search – A new level of user experience is achieved with visual search. The users have the liberty to upload an image and go about searching for the results which incorporate that image. One such successful platform is Pinterest, the new feature that Pinterest introduced is Lens, it is a visual search tool that makes it easy for the user to search for an item and look for lucrative options to buy it online, view pin boards and track that item down.
Micro-Moments – In this competitive world, people are quick in making judgments. People quickly decide whether or not they are up for buying something or not.
Voice Search and Smart speakers – Hey Siri, and Alexa are some of the new age search options that function on voice control mechanism. So, you can unlock your phone, give commands to it and much more with just your voice. The artificial technology is taking the world by a storm.
Social Media Stories – Social media popularity is important for marketers, it is important and helps the audience connect with the prospective clients better. The social media has emerged as a platform that helps people connect better with the audience. When you are active on social media the prospective customers feel more connected to you.
These are some of the trending and latest trends that are making it big into the digital marketing world. If you are someone looking for a Digital Marketing agency in Delhi NCR region, then trust New Vision Digital to provide you customized and personalized digital marketing experience, exclusively catering to your particular expectations and needs from a digital marketing firm.

Role Of Automation In Digital Marketing

Automation In Digital Marketing
Just as the field of Digital Marketing is ever so evolving, so is the field of automation. Automation is finding its place in every sphere and spectrum of life.  Every facet of the digital world is now dominated by automated technology. Digital Marketing automation can be of varied forms, Paid campaigning, email, and social media marketing. One might be perplexed by the range of features and technologies that awaits.

The implementation of automation in the Digital Marketing spectrum is greatly influencing jobs. Robots and AI are taking over different aspects of marketing. The tools and techniques available online are replacing man with software. Here’s how automation is taking over jobs in the digital marketing field-

  • Content Creation – AI is taking over content creation, curation and proofreading tasks. The automated content generation tools help curate articles and blogs on the topic of your choice.
  • Email – Email campaigns are handled by automated tools, they may be large scale or small scale campaigns. These tools aim at guiding the targeted and potential customers in the right direction.
  • Automated Advertising – The data collection, analytics and targeting are all empowered by AI tools. You still require manpower to write, design and monitor ads. This kind of job does have the power to replace jobs in the near future.


The end goal of any marketing strategy is to induce more business for the company which in turn yields revenue. To accomplish this essential task, it is imperative that you bring in more and more traffic through your website. Once the traffic is flowing in, you need to find the correct way to turn this traffic into profitable leads and finally turn them into customers. The automation part comes into play only at the final step, which is the conversion step.

Marketers are greatly at ease with the help of automation in the field of digital marketing, here’s how:

  • It helps generate leads, by converting targeted audience into loyal clients.
  • Lead nurturing and keeping them indulged is also aided by automation.
  • Marketing ROI is measured better with the help of automation.
  • Customers stay with the business for long term, this is also confirmed by marketing automation.


The choice of a correct digital marketing automation platform carefully blended with smart process alignment, and effectively nurturing the business needs, makes it possible to complete the puzzle. Here are some of the tools that businesses can incorporate to ease streamline their marketing functions:

  • Customer.io to send out mails– This tool makes sending out personalized messages easy. It also helps track conversions take into account the new customers joined, and measure the growth based on the subscriptions.
  • HubSpot for everything – This inbound marketing tool is the pioneer that aids converting outbound traffic into inbound leads. From marketing sales, to streamlining the customer relationship management, the tool has a stack of products.
  • AdRoll to manage ad campaigns – it comes with a 2-week free trial. The key features include clear analytics, transparent segmentation, proper budgeting and customized targeting.

There are a few amongst the plenty of other tools available to automate the process of digital marketing. There are digital marketing companies that customizes a digital strategy to help grow your business. New Vision Digital is a leading Facebook advertising company in Delhi that strategically aids business growth using the right techniques and tools.

Beginner’s Guide to Bounce Rate – Everything You Need to Know about It

Beginner’s Guide to Bounce Rate – Everything You Need to Know about It

If you are new to the digital realm then you might be confused with the Google analytics report.Let’s take a brief guide through bounce rate and everything about it that one should be aware of. Bounce rate is essentially a report that consists of the percentage of visitors to your website and represents how many people land on your website and left without clicking on other tabs. Many of you get confused with Bounce and Exit which is common.Well, an Exit is when someone leaves a specific page but Bounce is when a person visits your website and then leaves immediately. Let’s understand this in the simplest way if 50 people land on your website but only 25% of them clicks on others pages on your site and rest just leave. Thus, 75% is your bounce rate and 25% is your exit rate.

If you are experiencing high bounce rate then the following factors will help the bloggers in figuring out where they are making a mistake:

– Website takes time in loading:

Those heavy web pages take more than 5-6 seconds to load and that’s where you lose your visitors as people are not so patient. It will benefit you if you keep your website light and decent so that your visitors will stay and read your informative content.

– Avoid a single page site:

This might seem odd but a single page site can be unhealthy for your business as firstly, when you put all the information, photos, and videos on one page it will take a lot of time to load and secondly, It will leave an impact on your SEO ranking as you won’t be able to embody blogs and content in a single page.

– Demode website design:

Believe it or not, but outdated design can really leave a bad impression on your visitors making them think that your company is not up-to-date and they close your website right away. Thus, it is important for you to design a stylish yet decent looking template and website.

– Avoid writing lousy headlines:

It is very important for you to write an eye-grabbing headline and also make sure that your body content is connected to the title otherwise it will just misguide your readers and it will impact your credibility as well as the bounce rate.

– Build a satisfactory interlink structure:

When you post blogs on your website it is beneficiary for you to add internal links in your blog as there might be some other blog on your web page that is relevant to your blog. Also, make sure that your content is relatable and readable as you wouldn’t want your readers to miss any of your blogs.

Reports of Google analytics are misunderstood often and thus, blending your strategic thoughts and technical execution will enable you to understand your website’s performance. Once you comprehend bounce rate in Google analytics, you can improvise your website as per the reports to control the bounce rate. There are various companies that help you with dealing such digital dilemma and advice you with the best solutions. At New Vision Digital you can avail excellent digital marketing services in order to see growth in your sales and business charts. There is a lot more for you at our station to improve your business.

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