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Category Archives: Google Analytics

How to Fetch Actionable Data from Google Analytics

How to Fetch Actionable Data from Google Analytics

There are not many spontaneous programs that are able to give you the valuable information that Google Analytics does. That’s the reason why marketing experts all over the world love it. Moreover, there are also some marketers that work only with Google Analytics to track their numbers and they are doing excellent work on it. You will find too much information in GA that you will be confused where to start from! This is the thing quite noticeable about GA, you get tons and tons of information! Until and unless you are familiar with GA, you might be asking yourself the same question each time: What exactly should I look at? You don’t have to waste your precious time in search of fetching actionable data. No doubt, with this guide, you will thank us later for providing the inside scoop into GA.

• Create Goals

Goals measure when people complete a specific task that you want them to complete. One goal can be on your business website which says, “Confirm booking” or “submit”. If you set these goals within the GA, you can easily add value to your readers. Also, you can set as many goals as you want depending upon what kind of information do you need. Once you have set your goals, the GA will become much more useful. This will happen because now you will be measuring data against your goals.In GA, there are goals for setting up appointments, making up payments and other categories.

• Discover Demographics and Psychographics

You can make the most of your marketing with GA as it provides demographics and some basic psychographics. Well, psychographics is highly useful and helps you give a ton of insights so that you can understand why your audience is behaving in a certain way. By using the basic demographics, you will be able to get a more detailed look at your audience in terms of their age and gender. Not also this, you can also find your readers belong to which part of the world and what language they speak. These information are very basic thus, anyone using GA needs to know how to do this.

• Know how your Audience is Finding you

There is a thing that every marketer should know and that is referral information. In the GA context, a referral simply means a page that leads the traffic to your site. For instance, if someone clicks a link on an article post and visit your website, then that URL of the post would be known as the referral. Thus, by knowing where your website traffic is coming from can help you sharpen your marketing strategies.

• Come upon your Best Keywords

Most often it happens that you target several keywords expecting it to rank well but in reality, you might rank much better for a keyword you would have thought will give zero success with. From SEO improvement to an increase in conversion rates, uncovering the high-performing keyword has immense benefits. If a particular keyword works well for you, you can focus on those in order to bring in more traffic.

• Have Knowledge about your Bounce Rate

If you are noticing that your bounce rate is too high than it should be, you must not be aware of why it is so high! This is another circumstance where GA dives in to save the day. With the best use of GA, you can dig deep and find out what is the reason behind the people bouncing. If you notice an absurd situation where your popular pages are also getting high bounce rates, then you need to fix it. Because this means that people are visiting that page but are not finding what they want.In such cases, look for your page traffic optimization techniques, content etc.

• Use Advanced Segments to Focus your Marketing Attempts

GA provides some excellent tools to sharpen your marketing techniques. You can compare new customers with returning customers to spot any weakness in your funnel. If you are serious to dive deep into your analytics, then you should become a master in segmenting.

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