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Important SEO Trends in 2020 to Achieve Higher Rank In SERPs

SEO Services in India

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the heart of digital marketing. With advancements and new algorithms rolling out every now and then, the chances are highly likely that every digital marketer needs to up their Search engine game to attain a higher rank in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).
There are tons of ways that can help improve SEO. Here are some of the important trends in 2020 that are sure to make a big change:

• High Quality and well-optimized content for SEO
Effective SEO strategy emphasizes on the importance of high-quality content. User’s desire for website content is that it must be more relevant, timely and helpful. Google tends to reward relevant content. It has also been noticed that Google is promoting natural phrasing more. Informative content that answers the user query better are sure to find better ranking at the SERP.

• Technical SEO
Technical SEO is the one process which optimizes the website for indexing website as well as helps crawl the pages. Technical SEO helps search engine interpret, crawl, as well as access and index the website. It is named “technical” since, it doesn’t involve the actual content of the website. The major goal of technical SEO is to ensure that the website is optimized the infrastructure of a website.

• AI-based Algorithms for win
Google uses learning algorithms that help improve the search experience. Google utilizes neural matching, it involves understanding the meaning of query. RankBrain, is another update that helps adjust SERP, depending on the basis of user behavior. BERT is another newly- implemented update that analyzes the structure of search. The decision of what keywords to use is also dependent on these algorithms.

• Mobile UX for SEO
The user trend has shifted from desktop interface to mobile versions. Hence, it is important that the websites are designed to work well on smartphones and mobile devices. It is also important to design an attractive website that ensures audience is hooked on to it.

• Rich Snippets and Structured Data must be well optimized
Rich Snippets are inclusive of those that show image, reviews ratings, prices, as well along with the title and description. Featured snippet ensures that an entire block of information is shown on top of SERP. It helps increase the CTR. To rank better it is required that the data remaind structured.

• Quality Link Building to build a better brand
Gone are those days when quantity of the links mattered better than the quality. With changes and advancements, it has now emerged that quality of the links also play a major role. The quality and authority of the pages where you build links hold prime importance.

• Google My Business
Google My Business listing ensures higher ranking for local searches. Local search ensures that the website and business ranks well and does well in the local area of search. Verify your business with Google, fill out your business profile, use the correct products and services as well as use the right business name for the business to rank better…

• Believe in the magic of Voice Search
Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri are some of the well-known examples of Voice search. With voice search becoming important and gaining popularity, you must be prepared for SEO voice search as well. The major difference between SEO strategies and optimizing them for voice search is the fact that voice search involves more “natural phrasing”.
For instance, “best marketing blog 2019” would be your query in the search engine bar, while “Which is the best digital marketing blog 2019” would be an ideal voice search. Take a look at the fact that voice search query involves long-tail keywords.

• Optimize videos using SEO
SEO has now widened its horizon with not being confined to text only. Video is also becoming prevalent by the day. Including videos on your site has emerged as a more engaging and lucrative option. When adding videos you must ensure that you optimize them as well. Optimizing is inclusive of descriptive titles, clear headings, engaging content and the right video platform.

Search Engine Optimization has witnessed a change in fate with the algorithm updates and new optimization strategies emerging. 2020 is going to be the year of change in the realm of SEO.

Top 15 Most Recommended SEO Tools!

Best 15 SEO Tools

New Vision Digital is India’s best SEO Company, located in Noida, India. Established in 2011, we are entirely internet marketing and SEO services service provider company. We take complete responsibility for everything from Maintenance, Re-designing Website, SEO services, Social Media Optimization (SMO) Services, Online Reputation Management (ORM) Service, Content Writing, Web Development, and Android App Development & Mobile Application Promotion to engross your customers. Our proficient team of SEO is fervent about making your business grow by giving you top visibility on the search engine results page.

We are a boutique marketing firm where we consider in making the journey of a brand from ‘great’ to ‘grand’. Being a comprehension driven ‘Creative’ Digital Marketing Firm, we offer our patrons with wide-ranging business solutions, adding a dash of color to the otherwise dull and boring approaches.

Prevalent Digital Marketing Company in Delhi NCR consider in building brands with a combination of technology, design, and creativity. Every business is distinct, that’s why we offer a tailor-made way out to take your brand to the next level. We don’t rely on in ‘one size fits all’ tactic and our focus is totally on modernizing present ideas. We’re always up for an experiment.

Why does a business need SEO?

Every day there are many people penetrating the internet for products, services and businesses to that of yours. Therefore it is imperious for your business to appear in top search results when some user quests for products and services that your company also delivers. SEO guarantees to refine your website traffic and also ensures that you website is amid the top search results on innumerable search engines. The SEO strategies consist of adjustment of keywords and phrases rendering to visibility on the website.

Why would you elect New Vision Digital for SEO SMO PPC (Digital Marketing Services)?

With ever-changing business requirements and imminent technologies, our digital marketing services in Delhi NCR works on verified methods and procedures to deliver the finest possible solutions as per your desires and needs. Some of the top and most recommended SEO tools that our team of efficient and adept mavens’ uses are:

1.   Google Analytics
2.   Google Search Console
3.   Google Keyword planner
4.   Alexa
5.   Moz Pro SEO Tools
6.   Woorank
7.   HubSpot Website Grader
8.   Seoptimer
9.   Who Is
10. Ahrefs
11. Seo Site Checkup
12. XML Sitemaps Generator
13. Semrush
14. W3cdomain
15. Pingdom Website Speed Test

Our team of expert and experienced technicians take extreme care in appreciative your smallest business needs and ripen best solutions for you. The solutions, hence developed, are impeccably appropriate for your business and support it grows faster.

For more information, simply connect with us by giving us a ring at + 91 9818456688.

Why Keyword Research Matters and How to do it?

Keywords are really important when you are trying to increase the rank of your content or website. They are like a lantern that show you the way to your objective. These keywords help you by telling you where to go and how to go and whether or not you’re making progress. It is basically the practice of identifying what a user is surfing for on the Internet and which phrases are used on search engines when they look for particular information.


Keyword research is one of the most important and high returns practices that are performed by SEO professionals. The selection and use of right keywords are very important as ranking of a right keyword can make or break your website. Also, searching for quality keywords that will provide you with both traffic and conversions is a bit tricky, but with the right steps you can do it successfully.

Keyword research is the basis of any digital marketing campaign and helps you find out what your target audience wants and is a critical component for SEO. When using a keyword correctly, it provides a road map for both the design and execution of building websites and developing content. Keywords are often broken up and grouped based on the number of words within the query phrase.

If you become the expert of finding the perfect keywords for your business, then you will not only benefit from search engine traffic but also know what your targeted customers want. To achieve the best SEO results using keyword research, it is important that you optimize a website as well as back-links for the most relevant keywords. It is good practice to search for associated keywords that have low competition and still yields a high number of searches. This makes it easier to achieve a higher rank in search engines which usually results in higher web traffic.

There are many SEO companies available online that know what keywords can be used to make a website rank top in search engines on the basis of searches done by users. They take time to understand a business and create strategies that will achieve a website the top ranks in the search engines. This mean increased revenue for a website as a result of more traffic and conversions.

What the Difference Between SEO and SMO?

Internet Marketing can be an intimidating task even for the most technological know-how person! So what is it that makes several websites stand out and make money, while other sometimes even better websites lack the traffic that they are worthy for? Read on to find out, and give your website the enhancement it needs. Many of us believe that SEO, SMO, SEM, and SMM, are all be twaddle, however, these are the terms that lead to an upsurge in traffic and eventually money. The adept team provides all and is here to tell you the exact difference between the SEO and SMO and the effects they offer to your website trafficking.


The technique of SEO is to increase the search engine rankings of a website, give it more prominence and hence, more traffic. The technique comprises optimizing the website, adding keywords in the Title, Meta tags, content and Meta description, regularly updating a website and cumulative the speed at which it loads on a desktop and mobile device.This means that if your website is augmented according to the SEO techniques, the chances that your website will seem on the first and second position in SERP for search queries related to your work is very great!

Developing profiles on SMO networks about your business/website such that associates of that network can view and share your profile/page with others. This can work as a gateway to attain a large audience and produce traffic to your website without spending a penny. All you need to do is indicate the right social media channel for your business/website.

Here is the question that the battle between SEO and SMO who wins it?

The simple answer is – BOTH! There remains no SEO vs SMO when you come down to business. They are all two flanks of the same coin, one entails time and effort, the other requires money. Other than Black Hat SEO, all the procedures are required if you wish to get upper rankings in SERP, more visibility, and more traffic. However, the significant factor about your campaign working or is not based on using all these techniques, but on how capable you use them. This involves you to have an iron-clad business crusade.

4 Things You Should Prioritize When It Comes To SEO

SEO is the next important procedure your website undergoes when it is fully implemented. It is done to increase the rank of your website on various search engines (Google, Bing etc…) by article submission, PDF submissions, classified websites and more.


You can’t just start anywhere with SEO and expect your rankings to increase; to succeed in your efforts you should prioritise certain SEO tasks which are:-

  • Quality content only! Say no to duplicate content

Avoid uploading duplicate content at all costs because it kills the visibility of your website as Google takes it as spam. As they say “The content is king”, develop content that is specifically intended for the visitors; it also increases your website traffic as well.

  • Responsive is the way to go

As nowadays searches take place more on mobile than on desktop; it is a must that a website is compatible with mobile platforms and moreover Google loves responsive websites!

  • User-friendly navigation

Don’t confuse people with your complex navigation; give them an easy & user-friendly experience so that they find what they need in time.

  • Being Indexed

You need to make sure that Google is crawling your website and hence you are showing up in SERPs; Google Webmaster tools are a great help for this!

New Vision Digital being the #1 Digital Marketing Agency understands that this is an era of cut throat competition & it is not easy for a website to obtain its best position; that’s why we provide you with the best SEO services in Noida with strategies that are bound to increase your website rankings effectively.

For more information about our services feel free to visit our website www.newvisiondigital.co or call us at +91 9818456688.

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