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Trendy Enough? Mark These Social Media Trends to Gain Profit

Trend following is an exercise in observing and responding to the ever-present moment of now” – Ed Seykota

Trendy pattern is a system to comprehend sales, which helps in understanding the patterns of the market over a particular timeframe. Sales results are demonstrative of the business designs taken after by the client over a day and age. The day and age can be short, normal or long. Sales pattern can ‘be investigated by incorporating the trends and work over the day and age against the monetary reports.

Following up the trends helps to attract customers, increases sales and leads to business development but this is not possible without proper marketing. 2017 has been a year of certain social media marketing predictions.

Mark These Social Media Trends to Gain Profit

Here is the list of major social media trends to be followed RELIGIOUSLY!

  • Post-Authentic Content
  • Start Mobile Advertising
  • Dominate on social media not just participate
  • Start E-commerce on social media
  • Make your employees, your social media army
  • Make sales and customer service more social
  • Add videos in your blogs
  • Try of gaining more organic social traffic

Not all businesses have the perks of being aware of latest trends because of their lack of participation on social media, but it is clearly visible that organizations that are highly active on social media handles and run their sales on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc through advertisements tend to do more sales and gain popularity along with profits in shorter span of time.

We at New Vision Digital, aim to take your business reach heights through our various social media strategies that are essential for growth. Don’t miss your chance and avail the services from now on!!

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From Updating Status to Adding Stories-The Revolution of Social Media

“Haven’t you seen my story on Snapchat?” is now the new substitute for “You know I went to this new coffee place last night”

Sounds familiar, Right?
 Revolution of Social Media

Yes, we are talking about the latest, 24 hours story feature now available on all the major social media platforms. Snapchat was the prime inventor, and then the trail was followed by Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The universe has been on a roller coaster ride ever since social media became a major part of our lives. It’s like a family member or a close acquaintance that sits with us every night at the dining table and is one invisible friend that accompanies us when we are at the coffee house and the chair alongside is empty.

The road to revolution is a curvy one; you are exposed to new updates and versions every now and then.

Social media is changing every single day and its affect; yes AFFECT on our lifestyle is well apparent and evident. The road that lead us to keeping in touch with our friends is now diverted and we are now driving on the highway of stories that allows us to post pictures, videos and also mention the location we are at and tag who we are right there!

What’s on your mind is now an ancient thing. Since stories came live!

With the latest addition of the story feature on our favorite social media platforms, this breezy update is spinning around the web arena like a viral meme. Adding stories is fancier and is more inclined to the latest trends. 10 seconds snap video made using amusing filters is much more entertaining than a simple video or a picture.

We at New Vision Digital are always skating around in the cosmos looking for new updates that helps us to stand tall and high in the market and craft nothing but the best to our clients. You can mail us at- or ring our bells on- +91 9818456688 to connect with us.

We are gripped with this new feature, Are you? Comment below what’s the last update you made using this feature and let us know.

Avail SEO Services From Top SEO Agency in Noida

In this modern era of technology, having just a website is just not enough. If you are eyeing for more prominence on internet SEO is the finest possible solution to make your website well popular. SEO optimization makes it easier for a search engine to find your website by providing with good content, image, video and maps, internal & external linking strategies. We at NEW VISION DIGITAL not only promise you stouter online presence and better keyword rankings, but we assure you the maximum returns over your investments.

Avail SEO Services From Top SEO Agency in Noida

SEO services India aid to ensure that a site is available to a search engine and advances the chances that the site will be found and ranked highly by the search engine.It takes a profusely of strategic work and considerable time to develop and implement the most optimal framework of SEO techniques.

Make your followers your brand ambassador with the help of proficient team of SMO services India. Our company’s employees have all the techniques and skills to maximize the impact of social media interactions. Our creative approach make the team highly appreciated in market.

Some of the characteristics which our SEO agency in Noida equipped with are:

  • Vast Experience with 100% Success Ratio
  • Long  list of clients+ Successful Projects
  • Unconventional SEO Techniques
  • Reasonable SEO Marketing Services
  • SEO for all kind of Businesses

Our company brags on the team of unflagging certified SEO professionals, who have obsessed a unique expertise of understanding your business and completes the procedures in order to make your online reputation for the brand. We take a pride on our client-centric methodology search engine optimization services, which we deliver, are out of the box results and provide top ranks for your business.

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5 Reasons Why Facebook is Good for Business

5 Reasons Why Facebook is Good for Business

Promoting business growth via social media channels is a common phenomenon. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are few of the common social networks that are extensively used for advertising. Among all, Facebook is the first choice for social media marketing for promoting business and reaching out to customers.

Enlisted here are reasons why Facebook holds a dominant position when it comes to digital marketing:

• Facebook is primarily a youth based network that is used extensively and internationally by public 24/7. So, posting a particular advertisement at any point of time doesn’t become an issue. It always pops up in the news feed.

• It makes the brand a part of everyday life. Regular posts on a daily basis help in reducing communication gap between the sellers and the buyers.

• A good marketing tactic is to collect public’s response on a day to day basis in order to understand their opinions and expectations. ‘Like’, ‘comment’, ‘share’ and ‘review’ options maintain a mutual conversation between brand followers and brand owners.

• Every post on Facebook spreads like a fire in the jungle. As compared to traditional marketing, Facebook marketing creates a viral-effect among the users. If the content posted is engaging, it prompts them to respond and share it with other users.

• Marketing strategy on Facebook can have various avatars: hilarious videos, wonderful graphics and engaging texts all help in seeking the attention of the users. After all, who doesn’t like being entertained?
The Facebook page of a product should contain meaningful content and brilliant graphics so that the brand gets more followers.

At NewVisionDigital, we provide online digital marketing services to both national and international clients. Give us a call at 9818456688 or mail at INFO@NEWVISIONDIGITAL.CO to get your Facebook page designed.

Create An Effective Social Media Management Plan

Social Media Management PlanSocial media optimisation services as you may already know are a wonderful way to promote your business online and increase customer base. Here are the step-by-step instructions to help you make an efficient social media management plan for your business from scratch.

1.  Set clear goals– Sit with your marketing team and set clear objectives and goals you wish to achieve with your social media campaign. This would not only help you map your future course of actions but would also help you gauge your achievements and make necessary amends during the course wherever required.

2.  Conduct an audit– This involves taking into account your present position in terms of social media engagement, your needs and requirements through various social media platforms and which category of consumers you wish to target. There are various online tools like Hootsuite that you can use for such detailed analytics.

3.  Creating and maintaining accounts– Once you have a clear picture of the social platforms you wish to focus, you can set about to creating and/or improving any existing accounts in the name of your business.

4.  Create a content plan– Posting informational and visually appealing content on social media is one of the most important things you have to focus on. Make a content plan and organise the details of your posts in a spreadsheet for better management.

Now you would only be required to test, re-evaluate and then make modifications in your plan every now and then to ensure its success. You can also outsource your business social media optimisation services to New Vision Digital where we have a dedicated team of professionals assigned to handle social media and SEO projects. To get in touch, drop us a mail at

What is included in the SMO packages of digital marketing companies?

What is included in the SMO packages of digital marketing companies?Most of the digital marketing companies offer various packages of SEO and SMO services according to the budget of the client. There is usually a basic package with limited number of service options available, and more advanced packages thereafter with more number of services added accordingly. However, there are some services that remain common among all the packages; these are some of the services offered by New Vision Digital in all its SMO packages:

1.Facebook Promotion- This involves handling the Facebook account and fan page for the client. We post regularly on your behalf; increase likes on the page to avail more customers and try to make it more lucrative and active to get you more business.

2.Twitter Promotion- This also works almost the same way. We set up your Twitter account; keep it active by regular posting on your business’ behalf and increase the number of followers by strategic planning to divert more web traffic on your website and convert it to business profit. The number of followers targeted and posts vary depending on the package you have paid for.

3.LinkedIn Promotion- Setting up of the company’s LinkedIn account and adding more posts to it on a regular basis helps to keep it active and gets you noticed in the commercial circle. We target a set number of followers per month to increase your visibility among the audience.

New Vision Digital provides all these SMO services in India, European and American countries at attractive prices. If you need to boost your business online, contact us on

Top 3 Hidden Benefits Of SMO Services

Social media optimisation services are a wonderful way to make your presence felt among your current and prospective customers online. Considering the huge number of users active on various social networking sites, it becomes one of the perfect platforms for businesses to connect with their consumer base and reach out to large audiences sharing similar interests as their customers.

SMO Services

Apart from directing valuable traffic to the website, well managed SMO practises also provide some additional benefits that usually remain unnoticed by most of the people. Here are the top three hidden or ignored benefits business organisations avail by implementing effective SMO services:

1. Increased brand awareness– With millions of people as potential audience, social media sites are wonderful for increasing company’s brand awareness and online visibility. This effective brand building tool helps business organisations to associate with their followers and use this opportunity to promote their products and services through their posts and profiles.

2. Competitive edge– Social media is a powerful tool to equip if you wish to win the competition battle with your rivals. This can be effectively used to keep an eye on business contenders and/or influence their customers into buying your services or products by highlighting your distinctive features.

3. Customer interaction– With social media platforms, business houses can easily connect and communicate with their customers, take note of their views and recommendations and make necessary improvements and enhancements in their offered services or consumer policies accordingly.

Thus, as you can clearly see, hiring a digital marketing company like New Vision Digital for effectual SMO services in India and other countries is highly beneficial for all types of business organisations. Give us a call on +91 9818456688 to enquire more about our available service packages in your country.

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