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Category Archives: Social Media Marketing

TikTok Influencer Marketing to Help Beginner’s Advertise Better

TikTok Influencer Marketing

What is TikTok?

TikTok has exploded as the most downloaded app in the world. It began life as a successful video-sharing app, making its mark in its native China and rest of the world. TikTok is the one app that has emerged as a major marketing tool and has helped the marketers enjoy more than about 800 Million Installations.

TikTok is a video-just stage that enables clients to make small videos of somewhere about 15 to 60 seconds in length. Furnished with an abundance of altering devices and huge filters and tune library, TikTok gives a special and addictive experience to its worldwide clientele base of about 800 million around the world. This is an amazing number considering the fact that the client base on TikTok is just about 200 million, less than Instagram.


How Can Brands Use TikTok?

TikTok has some significant ways that have changed the manner in which brands have begun their advertising on TikTok.

  • They can make their own channel and create relevant videos pertaining to their brand building.
  • As influencer marketing is a trending marketing technique, it is best to collaborate with influencers on TikTok to target a wider audience.
  • TikTok is becoming a leading platform for paid advertising too. As there is so much engagement from wider audience, the targeting is great.

Numerous brands offer a blend of running their very own channels and also working with various influencers to spread their brand to a more extensive crowd.


The Hashtag revolution

Brands can support hashtag challenges on TikTok. You can definitely skip the step if your brand has already figured out a way to develop a well-known TikTok channel on its own. In case you are still struggling with building your own brand identity then it is likely best to work with influencers to kick start your #hashtag challenge. When a #hashtag challenge is propelled on TikTok, individuals take interest in the brand, indulge in fun tasks which in turn helps propel the brand identity.

Brands like Guess, Samsung, BMW, Ralph Lauren, have all been using TikTok to market a new campaign or introduce their new product. For instance, when BMW planned to launch its new 1 Series in July 2019, it introduced a TikTok hashtag challenge #THE1Challenge which was intended to build engagement. BMW solicited its influencers to make engaging short videos of them dancing around their cars.



TikTok has now rolled out a new feature of paid ads. It is still early days to see how successful or cost-effective this feature will be, TikTok has suggested that you can now combine and use one of the following ad formats:

  • Brand takeover
  • In-feed native video
  • Hashtag challenge
  • Lens 2D, 3D, and AR


In-feed Videos

Whether you use them as a paid ad, or from your company TikTok channel, you could consider sharing some in-feed native videos. These can last up to 15 seconds, although you can share brief video clips as short as nine seconds.
In-feed video clips are a great way to share crisp information. These in-feed videos usually last up to 15 seconds but can be modified for even shorter duration. What makes the propelling is the fact that there is a flexibility to use them from your own channel or as a paid ad.


User-Generated Content

The user-generated content is the one that brands can either base from their very own TikTok channel, or can work with influencers to urge their pursuers to make client produced content (UGC) and help brand in or the other way.

TikTok is a social media platform which offers plenty of features for the marketers to generate Return On Investment for their brand. If you are a budding business looking for options and ways to build your brand, then try TikTok to help market your brand.

How Is Facebook Optimizing the Ad Manager for Best Results

TikTok Influencer Marketing

Facebook has witnessed a change of fate over the years, with its swift shift from being just another social media platform to now being used as a marketing platform. Digital ads have become a way to reach out to the mass. It is like any other form of advertising and may take some time to fetch results, one needs to understand that there are tips and tricks that will help promoter fetch results quicker. Over the years Facebook has made some significant and remarkable changes in Facebook marketing and advertising. Here are some of the recent updates rolled out by Facebook to help better the advertising and marketing experience for its users.

• New and Updated Placement Controls for the Advertisers – Facebook has extended brand safety control measures and features to safeguard the interests of publishers. To uphold this thought facebook had introduced a blocklist for categories that allows permission to only selected publishers. Now, they have added some brand safety and better control features. The whit list in addition to the earlier introduced blocklist has strengthened the whole plan. It is expected to help show the placements in the most beneficial places to the most relevant customers. Facebook also confirms its partnership with some major safety brands like Zefr. OpenSlate, and DoubleVerify. These are expected to ensure utmost safety and no breach of interest.

• Limiting the Number of Ads – Facebook has announced that a new rule is being ruled out that may be of concern, it has suggested that number of ads provided to any page will be limited. The news can only be confirmed in 2020 after Facebook actually implements the rule.

• Multiple Text Optimization – Facebook is releasing Google’s responsive ad feature which is the “Multiple Text Optimization” feature. This feature makes it easier for the advertisers to test, create, and optimize the different options present for ad copy, caption, headlines, and product details. The campaign can be optimized, tested, and worked upon utilizing this platform. This feature is expected to minimize manual efforts.

facebook advertising services India

• Dynamic Ad Creation with Machine Learning – Machine Learning is a part of the big catch in the marketing realm. Dynamic ad creation is envisioned to personalize the ads and help reach better and relevant audience. This new update would take place automatically and will instantly improve the success rate of your marketing. Facebook is set to accomplish this task using its own algorithm along with utilizing the information shared by the audience.

• Facebook introduces New Fundraising Tools – A ‘Donate’ button for the people on instagram, the ones that run a non-profit organization. Another ‘Donate’ sticker introduced for the Facebook Stories. ‘Gaming for Good’ is the one tool that is introduced to encourage donations for a noble cause that the live-streamer puts forth. These are some powerful tools that non-profit organizations can very well utilize in their favor.

• Video Management & Analytics for the Creator Studio – Facebook is strengthening its brand safety features, as well as releasing new detailed insights on the information. This is the biggest update that has helped cater and streamline the Traffic sources. This is a ground breaking tool with multi-image protocol that would fetch results based on the searches, hashtags used, content updated, and much more.

Ad metrics with correct optimization is essential to correctly run Facebook ads. There are other criteria, aspects, and numbers that come into play if we wish to benefit from the ad performance. Ads help brands reach out to their potential audience, they help spread the word out in the open. Facebook understands the potential of right ad metrics to help improve ROI.

Guide To Social Media For Ecommerce

Social media for ecommerce


Social Media has grown from uniting friends on Facebook to bringing all the brands and communities under one roof. Whether you are an online marketer, an entrepreneur, or a budding start up trying to book its place in this digital realm, social media is an indispensable part of the digital marketing strategy. Social media is inclusive of both target audience as well as brands and marketers. So it is profitable for the marketers to entice their perspective customers, by offering lucrative deals and showcasing their products on their social media page. The customers also have a benefit in this arrangement, they get to glance on the products while casually scrolling their feed. Social Media Marketing for E Commerce is inevitable, if earning huge profits is your business goal.

Here’s a guide with some vital social media tips to enhance your credibility and customer base and increase business revenue.

  • Post Regularly On Social Media – When you post regularly on all the different Social Media platforms, your interested audience stays glued to you. Chances are, they might visit your E commerce website and turn into revenue generating leads for your business. The biggest challenges to regular posting are the time and frequency. Different social media channels work differently, it gets difficult to copy each product image and related content to every social media platform individually. To ease out this time-consuming task, scheduling and automation tools are adopted by various businesses. Here are a few of the relevant tools:
  1. Mento.io – The handiest tool that encapsulates scheduling as well as e commerce store integration is Mento. It eliminates the use of man power to copy the content and image.
  2. Hootsuite – Another popular tool that helps manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. Enhanced analytics and advanced scheduling are aided by it.
  3. Onlywire – This secure automation tool allows the submission of content online to over 50 social media networks, all at the same time. The auto-submit task is eased out by this tool.


  • Unique content – Engage the audience with unique content and details about your products. Customers like to know facts and interesting things related to the products they use on a daily basis. Post engaging content that markets your product in a subtle way. Segregate the social media strategy, make it a theme based one, aim to inform, educate and grow with your customer.
  • Reviews and testimonials – Provide your customers a platform to share their thoughts over the products. It is the right thing to do, as people trust the word of mouth, so when a customer praises your product the potential customer will believe in your product a little more. User reviews drive sales and engage more audience.
  • Infogarphics and Visual content – What meets the eyes, retains more. The visual content has the power to clearly describe your thought, this is why they are more engaging than regular text. Sharing high-quality images that appeal the audience and aids customer engagement are a must for social media.
  • Hashtag To Highlight – Hashtags aid better discovery on social media platforms. Hashtags must be relevant to the business or the cause that you wish to market on. These have the power to attract target audience, so posting relevant content under the hashtag is sure to be fruitful for business.


Thus, it is clear that social media must be incorporated in the digital marketing strategy to attain profit. Social Media marketing for E Commerce helps boost customer engagement, generate more traffic, and enhance conversions. New Vision Digital is a leading Digital Marketing firm that offers SMO, SEO, Website Designing, and Reputation Management services to the businesses. Trust us, to enhance the visibility of your brand.

How Important Is Data In Crafting Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

data crafting in digital marketing


The world of Digital Marketing is growing at a rapid pace. There are proactive strategists and then there are passive ones. We can broadly classify them as one of the two:

  • Those with prior knowledge and a blueprint in the head. These are the kind of people that prepare beforehand and are well aware of everything they require to run the business efficiently.
  • Those with little knowledge of Marketing, digital marketing in particular and are ready to ask for help from experts. These are the kind of people who trust digital marketing agencies to aid and increase their business exponentially.

No matter category of interlocutor’s you fall in, you need to have a strategy before implementation. A mere idea will not serve you, a proper detailed plan is required. It’s not the direction that you need to follow, it’s the statistics, facts, figures and, numbers, which act as the deciding element. To clearly say it, we have the data with us, what’s required is the correct way to read them, identify the right facts, understand the action suggestions and last but not the least, putting them into the implementation phase.

Let’s understand this by an example, you wish to buy a product, say, Shirt. You start your search in the vast sea of options online. You streamline your search pages to only those that provide you shirts with detailed information about the type, material and size guide. Along with detailed information, you also keep an eye on the cost and stick to the site that offers you the best price.

There are some key points that Digital Marketers are required to take care of:

  • Organize the data properly. All the data must be in one place, all with the same format.
  • Periodic cleaning up of old data is required, this aids the space for the new one.
  • Data strategy decision is a must, to avoid things going haywire, definite data strategy is required.
  • Review timely, to ensure correct and updated data usage.

Consider the data or the information about the Shirt missing on a site that you narrowed down to, basis price. Would you trust the site? The first thing you tend to think in such a situation is, this might be a spam site, or the products must be of low-quality and much more. Content and Data are the quintessential part of your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Quality is directly proportional to business profits, a better approach quantitatively can also benefit the business:

  • Traffic – Visualizing the data, using more images is a great way to attract and hold website viewers. People might avoid going through the whole para of contents but they are sure to glance at the image.
  • Branding – Brand name is enhanced when people feel the connect and trust with the company. When a company shares accurate content, the transparency attracts the audience.
  • Togetherness – Sharing facts and figures also increase the learning of both the company as well as page visitors.

If you are waiting for a guardian angel, to magically swish her wand and turn your poor stats great, then you are in luck. New Vision Digital is a premium social media marketing Company in India, which offers SEO, SMO, reputation and content management for your business. Contact us to help you scale business heights you longed for.

What are the LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for B2B Business?

What are the LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for B2B Business?

With rapid growth in Digitization, companies rely on Digital platforms for their business marketing. While everyone was focused on Instagram and Facebook and their rapidly growing user base, no one quite noticed that LinkedIn was no far from this race with a user base of 500 million users. According to a survey, LinkedIn came out as the second most sought after social media platform, an ideal space for business marketing.Users are highly engaged on LinkedIn and because of the business-centric atmosphere of social networking site, around 92 percent of the businesses, market themselves on the network.

LinkedIn is now being used by businesses to publish audience engaging content, work with communities with the same ideology, and help them grow their audience base. For this, we need to approach LinkedIn as strategically as any other marketing channel.

Quick fire guide to LinkedIn Marketing Strategy-

• All-inclusive Company Page – First step towards effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategies is to have a LinkedIn Company Page set up. State everything about the services, and achievements in a crisp yet complete form. While using LinkedIn for business, don’t forget to state the following:
Your primary and secondary target audience,and your goals and motto.

Showcase Page- With the showcase page on LinkedIn, you can segment the traffic that your LinkedIn advertisement fetches. Creating a showcase page for marketing on LinkedIn will help analyze the page better, improve presence in search results, and find relevant target audience. This LinkedIn marketing tip will give your business page on LinkedIn a professional touch and set it apart from puerile Facebook and Twitter pages that attempt at business networking.

Captivating Content– The LinkedIn Marketing Strategy should be on point since you have no second chance to create a first impression. First impression for any business page is the content; relevant content that reveals all about the business is a must.

Videos for more views- Long texts can be a turn off for most people just casually scrolling through the LinkedIn page, so to combat that, use videos instead. With different ways to use videos on LinkedIn, it has become easier to create video ads that explain the business’s core objective easily.

Regular and relevant posts– The relevant audience’s feed should be filled with latest posts and not mouldy posts. This serves two main purposes. First, it shows your audience that you’re on top of industry happenings and are well aware with the latest advance maintain your field. Second, it helps grab attention of new interested audience.

LinkedIn Ads- LinkedIn offers paid ads, depending on your needs. These include:

  1. Sponsored content– This is more or less the same as other social Media’s sponsored ads. This takes your curated content to the relevant user.
  2. Text ads– These ads appear in a number of places, including the LinkedIn homepage, profile pages, search results pages, and Groups pages.
  3. Sponsored Inmail– This allows you to send personalized ads within your target audience’s inbox. A plus to this method is that LinkedIn will only send your message to inboxes of members who are active on the network, meaning a greater likelihood that it will be noticed.

These LinkedIn Marketing Strategy tips will allow you to choose a method that best fits the needs of your company. If you are a business struggling to enhance your business then you are in luck because New Vision Digital is a premium Social Media Marketing Company in India which can help, you grow your business exponentially and with no endeavor of yours.

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