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Category Archives: Social Media Marketing

What are the LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for B2B Business?

What are the LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for B2B Business?

With rapid growth in Digitization, companies rely on Digital platforms for their business marketing. While everyone was focused on Instagram and Facebook and their rapidly growing user base, no one quite noticed that LinkedIn was no far from this race with a user base of 500 million users. According to a survey, LinkedIn came out as the second most sought after social media platform, an ideal space for business marketing.Users are highly engaged on LinkedIn and because of the business-centric atmosphere of social networking site, around 92 percent of the businesses, market themselves on the network.

LinkedIn is now being used by businesses to publish audience engaging content, work with communities with the same ideology, and help them grow their audience base. For this, we need to approach LinkedIn as strategically as any other marketing channel.

Quick fire guide to LinkedIn Marketing Strategy-

• All-inclusive Company Page – First step towards effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategies is to have a LinkedIn Company Page set up. State everything about the services, and achievements in a crisp yet complete form. While using LinkedIn for business, don’t forget to state the following:
Your primary and secondary target audience,and your goals and motto.

Showcase Page- With the showcase page on LinkedIn, you can segment the traffic that your LinkedIn advertisement fetches. Creating a showcase page for marketing on LinkedIn will help analyze the page better, improve presence in search results, and find relevant target audience. This LinkedIn marketing tip will give your business page on LinkedIn a professional touch and set it apart from puerile Facebook and Twitter pages that attempt at business networking.

Captivating Content– The LinkedIn Marketing Strategy should be on point since you have no second chance to create a first impression. First impression for any business page is the content; relevant content that reveals all about the business is a must.

Videos for more views- Long texts can be a turn off for most people just casually scrolling through the LinkedIn page, so to combat that, use videos instead. With different ways to use videos on LinkedIn, it has become easier to create video ads that explain the business’s core objective easily.

Regular and relevant posts– The relevant audience’s feed should be filled with latest posts and not mouldy posts. This serves two main purposes. First, it shows your audience that you’re on top of industry happenings and are well aware with the latest advance maintain your field. Second, it helps grab attention of new interested audience.

LinkedIn Ads- LinkedIn offers paid ads, depending on your needs. These include:

  1. Sponsored content– This is more or less the same as other social Media’s sponsored ads. This takes your curated content to the relevant user.
  2. Text ads– These ads appear in a number of places, including the LinkedIn homepage, profile pages, search results pages, and Groups pages.
  3. Sponsored Inmail– This allows you to send personalized ads within your target audience’s inbox. A plus to this method is that LinkedIn will only send your message to inboxes of members who are active on the network, meaning a greater likelihood that it will be noticed.

These LinkedIn Marketing Strategy tips will allow you to choose a method that best fits the needs of your company. If you are a business struggling to enhance your business then you are in luck because New Vision Digital is a premium Social Media Marketing Company in India which can help, you grow your business exponentially and with no endeavor of yours.

What are the Ways To Get Organic Reach For Your Company’s Facebook Page?

What are the Ways To Get Organic Reach For Your Company’s Facebook Page?

When it comes to setting up a brand page or a business page on Facebook, many people find themselves being skeptical of spending money to get quick results. Sure, Facebook provides one with many options of advertisement formats and ideas that one can experiment with for various purposes like brand awareness, engagement, conversions, and a lot more. But if you’re just starting out on your business and are unsure of the return on investment the paid campaigns would provide, it is always a better idea to start with some organic promotions.

The thing about Facebook algorithms and organic reach is that the social networking website has made it extremely difficult for Pages to expand their reach by non-monetary ways. The population one can target organically is thus, almost negligible. There are in fact many studies and surveys to support the statistics that claim a rapid recline in organic reach. However, there are still several tips and tricks that one can follow to improve the results through non paid distribution of content.

1. Presence and authority

The key to a strong organic reach is to build a strong presence and authority over your audience. Targeting people to follow your content without any real connection is useless as that might help you increase the number of your ‘Page Likes’, but it won’t necessarily show results in engagement. Thus brands must target specific population that shows interest in the field of the said brand.

2. Evergreen content

Content that has a longer lifespan is known to perform better as compared to content that seeks an immediate effect. ‘Evergreen content’ can be repurposed again and again with a few tweaks here and there in order to improve its reach and performance.

3. Invite-only groups

Who doesn’t love an invite into an ‘exclusive group’? Create groups and communities on your page that can only be joined by people you or other group members send invites to. The curiosity to be a part of a closed group drives more and more people to engage well and maintain relevance as an active fan.

4. Organic post targeting

Facebook algorithms show selected content to selected audiences. To ensure that your content reaches the right audience, Facebook allows you to use specific targeting just like paid ads. If your page has a good number of followers but isn’t getting the right number of engagement, then specific targeting is sure to show some positive results.

5. Timing Posts

Several studies and surveys over Facebook and audience behavior have shown a change in engagement statistics depending upon the timing of posts. If one is to go by the results of studies, it seems better to post content on Facebook at the time when the competitors are not active.
While paid ads have always shown a relatively better result in reaching more people and getting more engagement on posts, there are still several ways in which brands can easily reach more people without investing a single penny. It must however be noted here that organic reach demands more time, efforts and commitment as compared to paid campaigns that can be set on ‘active’ once and then checked in the end for results. To get your brand to reach more people, you can always get in touch with us at New Vision Digital, Noida, one of the top Facebook marketing company in India. At NVD, getting the client’s business on the map is the ultimate goal.

5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Powerful for Businesses?

5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Powerful for Businesses?

Social media marketing today is one of the biggest tools when it comes to marketing any and all kinds of businesses. The medium is less time consuming and more efficient for business owners when it comes to comparing the expenditures and efforts included. Moreover with the advancements in technology and the penetration of internet among all classes and sections of society, social media marketing has become a lucrative medium for sizes of projects and companies. With benefits starting from the lowest possible budgets, there is no business today that is afraid of experimenting with the medium to analyze its effects on their business idea. To confirm the same, one of the latest statistics has claimed that more than 90 per cent business owners have reported an increased exposure among many other benefits for their companies. However, one problem that many still face is the lack of information and knowledge on the use of these social media marketing tools. While people are aware of the benefits, it is the technical know-how that is still missing. That is why to make matters a little easier for the newbies in the field, we are here to list out the 5 aspects that show the power of social media marketing for businesses.

1. Brand Awareness

Gone are the days when one was forced to invest lakhs in single ad promotion campaigns to increase the brand awareness for their new businesses. The new tools just require one to simply add their own social accounts on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest, and share the links across to gain ‘page likes’ and ‘shares’. It is now much easier and efficient to allocate budgets and set goals using something as simple as a computer and your own banking details. There is no more a requirement for middlemen to do the same for you.

2. Inbound Traffic

The world is a big place which is now connected with the help of the internet. Majority of the population now stays ‘online’ for all intents and purposes through various social media applications. This further implies that it is a big thing for building a global community which in turn increases the inbound traffic towards your business which was otherwise limited to the group of your local customer circle. The use of tools like hashtags and keywords now helps in spreading awareness and gaining traction on your business and its respective social portals.

3. Search Engine Rankings

In simple terms, search engine rankings are the position that your business gains on search engine portals like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Higher the SER, greater are the chances of your business being recognized by a greater range of population over the internet. Social media marketing thus helps you work towards improving your SER and thereby improving your chances of gaining business and customers online.

4. Conversion Rates

Earlier with the absence of internet and social media, converting prospective clients to actual patrons was a long standing task. However now, interactions and communications over social media has sped up the process in a massive way that has led to over 51 per cent of the marketers claiming an improved ability in building positive relationships with consumers. Moreover, statistics also show that social media guarantees a 100 per cent higher lead-to-close rate as compared to traditional marketing methods.

5. Brand Loyalty

One of the biggest factors that result in the success of any business is the loyalty of the customers. If a brand has a forever changing consumer base, it can never be sure of long term success. The goal must always be to bring in new customers while retaining the old patrons. Social media marketing as a tool ensures that the customers have a direct channel of communication with the company. They no longer have to wait over telephone lines while the operator makes them press several other buttons.

Social media marketing thus as a tool is one of the most powerful tools that enable businesses to reach a wider base of customers and audiences. Whether we talk about brand awareness, product promotions, event announcements, conversions, or even lead generations, social media is a tool that is efficient and convenient for all. While it may seem like the easiest task ever, there are several aspects that must be kept in mind before investing in the tool. These days the markets are being dominated by social media marketing agencies like New Vision Digital that undertake all your social media marketing needs and provide you the results you desire. The digital marketing services of NVD are today unmatched across the industry and are thus the best so far.


A Guide to Paid and Organic Social Media Marketing

Technology has become an integral part of life; which has given rise to the digital age. Our daily routines entail a few hours of surfing the internet and browsing social media sites. This has led to the need for digital marketing and an opportunity for marketers to advertise their goods and services online.

A guide to paid and organic social media marketing

Here is where paid and organic social media marketing come in.

What is paid social media marketing?

Paid social is the sponsored content, i.e. paid ads. They take the form of sponsored posts on Facebook and promoted tweets on Twitter etc. They allow a wider reach by reaching out to people who don’t follow you but searched for similar products or services. Therefore, they help you target specific audiences, relevant to your business. Through paid advertising, you can target relevant audience, an option you do not get through organic media advertising.

Paid social media advertising is the most effective way of ensuring a strong brand presence on the web. It enables you to gain better engagement rates and consumer response.

What is organic social media marketing?

The object of organic social media marketing like paid advertising is communicating with consumers and prospects through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. using social media marketing tools like Buffer. However, organic marketing limits your access to potential consumers.

Having a profile on social media sites help in promoting your business through strategic content. You can engage with your followers and respond to their comments and feedback directly. The key is to be active on social media. You can also time your posts together to go live at a time where maximum are engaged.

Paid and organic marketing should ideally go hand in hand. Investment in both yields effective results.

NVD is a social media marketing company that caters to all your digital marketing needs. Contact us today to manage your brand presence online.

How to Build a Killer Instagram Following and Upsurge Your Sales

To get more followers on Instagram, you must be consistent, accurate, and goal-oriented. That means ruling probable followers in their prevailing communities, partaking engaging content that encourages them to track your account, and telling a dependable, relatable story those amuses current followers and obliges new fans to junction the fold.

How to Build a Killer Instagram Following and Upsurge Your Sales

It has been observed that brands which are popular on social media are seeing an average of four times the engagement then compared to any other mediums. New Vision Digital put together some landfills to help you gain more free followers on Instagram, upsurge your engagement rate with your mark audience, and drive auctions via better brand mindfulness.

1. Produce A Striking Instagram Feed

• You need to form an appealing feed. This means having sufficient ‘engage worthy’ photos that people will find pleasing and want to return to. This is non-negotiable.
• One of the most imperative parts of having a bewildering feed is by having a quality profile picture.
• Make sure it is appropriate, eye-catching, and demonstrative of your forte. For example, if your photos are “fitness” allied, then have your photo of you and something fitness related – so people know what your feed is about (pretty basic right)

2. Switch To A Business Account

Informing your status can you recover your Instagram game and grow your following.

See that “Public Figure” status? Get one. You want a business account, not only for acknowledgment purposes but also for analytics. Analytics is enormous and expressive your audience is vital for your development.

3. Provide Value

• Post photos and captions providing encouragement
• Add “how to” videos or a picture with a “how-to” caption.Take account of news, information, and engaging photo and video

4. Understand And Use The Hashtag (#)

• Do a search for relevant hashtags and see which ones are latest
• Add a huge diversity of these related hashtags extending from ones with a large reach and ones with a moderate reach.
• We recommend using between 5 and 20 hashtags contingent on the type of content and the platitude of the niche.
• Don’t forget you can hashtag in your remarks as well.
• Make sure to tag pertinent hashtags to your posts and to add as many of them as you can. The more hashtags, the more extent.

Pick hashtags by fame. You want widespread hashtags, but you don’t want all of them to have a million or more posts. If you do, you will discover that your posts get concealed instantly, and therefore no one can see the overwhelming content you are trying to share. If you are providing high-quality and cherished content, people will need to follow you and that way you will be benefited.

5. Target Users

• Search through hashtags
• Find an influencer with moderate reach 1,000 – 20,000 followers IN YOUR SAME NICHE.
• Make sure they are trustworthy
• Target the followers and particularly their follower’s posts

Once you have a quality feed and profile in place… this ONE TIP ALONE will advantage you more than any others ever will. At this point, you have two selections.

6. Follow Their Followers Or Intermingle With Their Followers.

That user you battered? Start following their followers. Do these for a few days, then start gauging who has added you back and who hasn’t. Also make sure to target them through someone else’s account.

Once you have done this, you can start unfollow those who don’t follow you back.

7. Feature And Be Featured

• Have high-grade images be highlighted on someone else’s feed
• Make sure to hashtag EVERYTHING.
• Being performed to other people’s audience can be incredibly

8. Make Up A Giveaway

• Find a product associated to your niche as a reward
• Advertise it to your cohorts asking them to tag their friends
• Hashtag it and let new followers to enter the giveaway

Giveaways are super conjoint, especially with people who are part of brands/ambassadors. However, even if you aren’t an ambassador or sponsored by a brand, you can still do a giveaway by obtaining something associated to your niche and marketing it. Using some of Instagram new features, such as going “Live” can actually advertise your giveaway to your followers, giving you a superior chance to influence people.

9. Timing Is Key.

Even if you snap the most attractive photo in the world, it won’t substance or gets any engagement if you share it in the middle of the night. After viewing many people use Instagram for months, we as online advertising agency noticed that the two key times that people will check Instagram is either in the morning after they wake up or in the evening going home after work.

10. Combine Multiple Images.

You know how they say a picture is of thousand words? What ensues when you syndicate multiple images together? It becomes that much more influential. The beauty of this is you are mechanically telling a “story” with manifold images at once. It’s no lengthier one image at one point of time, rather multiple images at multiple points of time. It inspires more interaction, explanation, and in the end your targeted audiences. With Facebook advertising services in Delhi NCR, you can embark your footprints in the domain perfectly in social media various platforms.

What operative ways do you use to increase more followers on Instagram? Are there approaches you use that aren’t enumerated above? Let us know in the comments below! For more information or to discuss further, drop an email at info@newvisiondigital.co.

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