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Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2019


With the advent of 2019, the world of digital marketing inclusive of PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, and much more has also witnessed a dramatic shift. The time has arisen, when the world has seen a shift from dismissing artificial intelligence and visual search to now embracing these two techniques. The Digital Marketing trends have greatly witnessed a shift, here are some of the major digital marketing trend in 2019:
Artificial Intelligence – AI has taken over the world. The perks of working on AI is that it can analyze the consumer behaviour and patterns, these are all done using the data from different social media platforms. This research helps the business learn and understand the thinking and approach of customers better. The Facebook messenger bots are one such example that helps you automate and optimize customer service.

Automated Advertising – This programmatic advertising utilizes AI to target a specific group of interested audience. For instance, Real-time bidding and auctions are a type of ad that is programmed. The automation is efficient, faster and yields to higher conversion. This utilization of technology has caught up boom in recent times.
Chatbots – An important part of Digital Marketing in 2019 is the AI-based technology that utilizes instant messaging to strike a conversation in the real-time. This automated technology is called chatbots, which essentially narrows down to chatting robots. You might have come across Uber chatbots, it is utilized to communicate with the customers. The chatbots make the interface look more user-friendly.
Personalization – personalizing market essentially means personalized content, emails, products, and much more. The availability of purchase history links clicked, and custom content makes it easier for businesses to relate better with the audience and understand every aspect better. Personalization means maximizing enjoyment and downsizing the search time.
Video Marketing – Video marketing has emerged as a lucrative option since people tend to retain visual content better than readable content. To witness an upscale in the engagement of your social media post, you can resort to video marketing. YouTube and other videos make it to the SERPs, hence video SEO has gained a lot of popularity. Video marketing has an interactive experience that makes it easier for the audience to connect with you better.
Influencer Marketing – It is kind of a word-of-mouth marketing strategy that utilizes a famous celebrity face or someone with an overwhelming following on social media. What this essentially does is, your brand gets a known face to do subtle marketing for you, and instead of paying different mediums you reach out to the influencer to spread the word for you. It is an inevitable fact that people feel comfortable in human interaction when a person endorses your product on their social media platform this brings in more credibility to your brand than even a celebrity doing a TV ad campaign.
Visual Search – A new level of user experience is achieved with visual search. The users have the liberty to upload an image and go about searching for the results which incorporate that image. One such successful platform is Pinterest, the new feature that Pinterest introduced is Lens, it is a visual search tool that makes it easy for the user to search for an item and look for lucrative options to buy it online, view pin boards and track that item down.
Micro-Moments – In this competitive world, people are quick in making judgments. People quickly decide whether or not they are up for buying something or not.
Voice Search and Smart speakers – Hey Siri, and Alexa are some of the new age search options that function on voice control mechanism. So, you can unlock your phone, give commands to it and much more with just your voice. The artificial technology is taking the world by a storm.
Social Media Stories – Social media popularity is important for marketers, it is important and helps the audience connect with the prospective clients better. The social media has emerged as a platform that helps people connect better with the audience. When you are active on social media the prospective customers feel more connected to you.
These are some of the trending and latest trends that are making it big into the digital marketing world. If you are someone looking for a Digital Marketing agency in Delhi NCR region, then trust New Vision Digital to provide you customized and personalized digital marketing experience, exclusively catering to your particular expectations and needs from a digital marketing firm.

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