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How Important Is Data In Crafting Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

data crafting in digital marketing


The world of Digital Marketing is growing at a rapid pace. There are proactive strategists and then there are passive ones. We can broadly classify them as one of the two:

  • Those with prior knowledge and a blueprint in the head. These are the kind of people that prepare beforehand and are well aware of everything they require to run the business efficiently.
  • Those with little knowledge of Marketing, digital marketing in particular and are ready to ask for help from experts. These are the kind of people who trust digital marketing agencies to aid and increase their business exponentially.

No matter category of interlocutor’s you fall in, you need to have a strategy before implementation. A mere idea will not serve you, a proper detailed plan is required. It’s not the direction that you need to follow, it’s the statistics, facts, figures and, numbers, which act as the deciding element. To clearly say it, we have the data with us, what’s required is the correct way to read them, identify the right facts, understand the action suggestions and last but not the least, putting them into the implementation phase.

Let’s understand this by an example, you wish to buy a product, say, Shirt. You start your search in the vast sea of options online. You streamline your search pages to only those that provide you shirts with detailed information about the type, material and size guide. Along with detailed information, you also keep an eye on the cost and stick to the site that offers you the best price.

There are some key points that Digital Marketers are required to take care of:

  • Organize the data properly. All the data must be in one place, all with the same format.
  • Periodic cleaning up of old data is required, this aids the space for the new one.
  • Data strategy decision is a must, to avoid things going haywire, definite data strategy is required.
  • Review timely, to ensure correct and updated data usage.

Consider the data or the information about the Shirt missing on a site that you narrowed down to, basis price. Would you trust the site? The first thing you tend to think in such a situation is, this might be a spam site, or the products must be of low-quality and much more. Content and Data are the quintessential part of your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Quality is directly proportional to business profits, a better approach quantitatively can also benefit the business:

  • Traffic – Visualizing the data, using more images is a great way to attract and hold website viewers. People might avoid going through the whole para of contents but they are sure to glance at the image.
  • Branding – Brand name is enhanced when people feel the connect and trust with the company. When a company shares accurate content, the transparency attracts the audience.
  • Togetherness – Sharing facts and figures also increase the learning of both the company as well as page visitors.

If you are waiting for a guardian angel, to magically swish her wand and turn your poor stats great, then you are in luck. New Vision Digital is a premium social media marketing Company in India, which offers SEO, SMO, reputation and content management for your business. Contact us to help you scale business heights you longed for.

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