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How Is Facebook Optimizing the Ad Manager for Best Results

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Facebook has witnessed a change of fate over the years, with its swift shift from being just another social media platform to now being used as a marketing platform. Digital ads have become a way to reach out to the mass. It is like any other form of advertising and may take some time to fetch results, one needs to understand that there are tips and tricks that will help promoter fetch results quicker. Over the years Facebook has made some significant and remarkable changes in Facebook marketing and advertising. Here are some of the recent updates rolled out by Facebook to help better the advertising and marketing experience for its users.

• New and Updated Placement Controls for the Advertisers – Facebook has extended brand safety control measures and features to safeguard the interests of publishers. To uphold this thought facebook had introduced a blocklist for categories that allows permission to only selected publishers. Now, they have added some brand safety and better control features. The whit list in addition to the earlier introduced blocklist has strengthened the whole plan. It is expected to help show the placements in the most beneficial places to the most relevant customers. Facebook also confirms its partnership with some major safety brands like Zefr. OpenSlate, and DoubleVerify. These are expected to ensure utmost safety and no breach of interest.

• Limiting the Number of Ads – Facebook has announced that a new rule is being ruled out that may be of concern, it has suggested that number of ads provided to any page will be limited. The news can only be confirmed in 2020 after Facebook actually implements the rule.

• Multiple Text Optimization – Facebook is releasing Google’s responsive ad feature which is the “Multiple Text Optimization” feature. This feature makes it easier for the advertisers to test, create, and optimize the different options present for ad copy, caption, headlines, and product details. The campaign can be optimized, tested, and worked upon utilizing this platform. This feature is expected to minimize manual efforts.

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• Dynamic Ad Creation with Machine Learning – Machine Learning is a part of the big catch in the marketing realm. Dynamic ad creation is envisioned to personalize the ads and help reach better and relevant audience. This new update would take place automatically and will instantly improve the success rate of your marketing. Facebook is set to accomplish this task using its own algorithm along with utilizing the information shared by the audience.

• Facebook introduces New Fundraising Tools – A ‘Donate’ button for the people on instagram, the ones that run a non-profit organization. Another ‘Donate’ sticker introduced for the Facebook Stories. ‘Gaming for Good’ is the one tool that is introduced to encourage donations for a noble cause that the live-streamer puts forth. These are some powerful tools that non-profit organizations can very well utilize in their favor.

• Video Management & Analytics for the Creator Studio – Facebook is strengthening its brand safety features, as well as releasing new detailed insights on the information. This is the biggest update that has helped cater and streamline the Traffic sources. This is a ground breaking tool with multi-image protocol that would fetch results based on the searches, hashtags used, content updated, and much more.

Ad metrics with correct optimization is essential to correctly run Facebook ads. There are other criteria, aspects, and numbers that come into play if we wish to benefit from the ad performance. Ads help brands reach out to their potential audience, they help spread the word out in the open. Facebook understands the potential of right ad metrics to help improve ROI.

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