How to Optimize Google and i App Store Optimization

In this technologically driven world, what is the one thing that all of us strive for? It’s convenience. What happens when you visit an e-commerce website? You are asked to log-in every time you visit it. The interface is sometimes a matter of concern, there are various other troubles that come into picture that might look negligible but are enough to spoil user-experience.

So what was the convenient way out of this trouble? Creating an app. For instance, an ecommerce site on a website and on an app interface, what would be your first choice? It’s obvious one would definitely go for the app version. App version is convenient, smart, and easy for people to use. Did you know, that you can make your app rank with some extra trips and tricks? This is called App Store Optimization.

ASO or App Store Optimization is the process by which an app ranks better in the play store search results. No guesses here, you can call it SEO of apps. ASO, however is more than just your regular SEO. It helps increase app downloads, increase the CTR, audience engagement, as well as exposure of the app.

How does ASO work?

In simple words, it can be understood as an ongoing process. You optimize the elements of your app such as video, icons, screenshots, and so on by making right choice of keywords. The process starts with two factors: off-metadata and on metadata. On-metadata factors can be controlled by the developer while the off-metadata is not under control of developer. These are factors that affect Search and other Conversion Rate. Let’s now look at ASO strategies for both Google Play Store and Apple Store.

ASO Strategies for Google Play Store

  1. Thorough Market Research

It’s a basic step that must guide all your optimization strategies. You must perform a basic research. Identify the niche, look for the right keywords related to the niche that you would like to target. Also, analyze your competitors.

  1. Find the correct keywords

The importance of this step needs no explanation. After the market research is done, be sure to clearly understand and state the market facts correctly. You must know the words that are searched in the search bar.  Use tools to assess the importance of a keyword. Opt for Long-tail keywords.

  1. The title makes all the difference

The title of the app must include right keywords along with a brand name. Short, crisp, and very clear title makes all the difference. Title optimization is an important step that you must learn and understand.

  1. Optimize the URL

When you wish to rank higher you must understand including URL helps. Before you publish any app, check the URL package on Google Playstore.

  1. Write alluring short description

Google admits 80 characters in the short description bar. Be sure to use that space wisely. This can be your test to perform more in limited quantity. The description must be appealing, optimized, and customer-centric. It must convey the actual USPs of the app in a much defined way. Optimize it well to ensure that when the search engine crawls through it, the right keywords are picked.

  1. Video

Video is a great addition that allows the user to understand how the app actually works. It can be understood as a YouTube promo video.

  1. Screenshots

Screenshots are a great way to explain the consumer, what it would look like when they, start to use the app features.

ASO Strategies for App Store

  1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is as important in Apple store as it is in Google Play store. But both work differently, first step is to brainstorm all the possible search queries.

The question now arises where to find the keywords. The suggestion in the Apple search bar are the best options for the keyword.

  1. App name

App name makes all the difference. The use of right keywords in the app name can make all the difference.

  1. Subtitle

Apple admits 30 characters to be used in the app name. But, it also allows the provision of adding a subtitle. This majorly affects the click through rate.

  1. Description

Description of 4000 words can be changed only when you submit a new version of your app. It affects search rankings so be sure to include only the right keywords. Your description must clearly highlight all the benefits and features of the app.

In case you have new features added to your app use promotional text to promote it. It is 170 characters long so use your words wisely

  1. Developer Name

The developer name is also as important as in Google store, it is a way to optimize your keywords to boost your ranking.  Icon and video, both are of same importance as that in Google Play store.

Without the right marketing, correct keywords, and the right optimization strategy, it wouldn’t be possible for an app to rank. ASO is a defined way to introduce the right strategy to ensure the app starts to rank for its niche. If you wish to optimize your app, or find an effective and result-oriented strategy to rank better in search results get in touch with us. We are a Digital Marketing firm helping clients make their way towards a better ranking business on the search engine result pages.

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