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Important SEO Trends in 2020 to Achieve Higher Rank In SERPs

SEO Services in India

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the heart of digital marketing. With advancements and new algorithms rolling out every now and then, the chances are highly likely that every digital marketer needs to up their Search engine game to attain a higher rank in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).
There are tons of ways that can help improve SEO. Here are some of the important trends in 2020 that are sure to make a big change:

• High Quality and well-optimized content for SEO
Effective SEO strategy emphasizes on the importance of high-quality content. User’s desire for website content is that it must be more relevant, timely and helpful. Google tends to reward relevant content. It has also been noticed that Google is promoting natural phrasing more. Informative content that answers the user query better are sure to find better ranking at the SERP.

• Technical SEO
Technical SEO is the one process which optimizes the website for indexing website as well as helps crawl the pages. Technical SEO helps search engine interpret, crawl, as well as access and index the website. It is named “technical” since, it doesn’t involve the actual content of the website. The major goal of technical SEO is to ensure that the website is optimized the infrastructure of a website.

• AI-based Algorithms for win
Google uses learning algorithms that help improve the search experience. Google utilizes neural matching, it involves understanding the meaning of query. RankBrain, is another update that helps adjust SERP, depending on the basis of user behavior. BERT is another newly- implemented update that analyzes the structure of search. The decision of what keywords to use is also dependent on these algorithms.

• Mobile UX for SEO
The user trend has shifted from desktop interface to mobile versions. Hence, it is important that the websites are designed to work well on smartphones and mobile devices. It is also important to design an attractive website that ensures audience is hooked on to it.

• Rich Snippets and Structured Data must be well optimized
Rich Snippets are inclusive of those that show image, reviews ratings, prices, as well along with the title and description. Featured snippet ensures that an entire block of information is shown on top of SERP. It helps increase the CTR. To rank better it is required that the data remaind structured.

• Quality Link Building to build a better brand
Gone are those days when quantity of the links mattered better than the quality. With changes and advancements, it has now emerged that quality of the links also play a major role. The quality and authority of the pages where you build links hold prime importance.

• Google My Business
Google My Business listing ensures higher ranking for local searches. Local search ensures that the website and business ranks well and does well in the local area of search. Verify your business with Google, fill out your business profile, use the correct products and services as well as use the right business name for the business to rank better…

• Believe in the magic of Voice Search
Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri are some of the well-known examples of Voice search. With voice search becoming important and gaining popularity, you must be prepared for SEO voice search as well. The major difference between SEO strategies and optimizing them for voice search is the fact that voice search involves more “natural phrasing”.
For instance, “best marketing blog 2019” would be your query in the search engine bar, while “Which is the best digital marketing blog 2019” would be an ideal voice search. Take a look at the fact that voice search query involves long-tail keywords.

• Optimize videos using SEO
SEO has now widened its horizon with not being confined to text only. Video is also becoming prevalent by the day. Including videos on your site has emerged as a more engaging and lucrative option. When adding videos you must ensure that you optimize them as well. Optimizing is inclusive of descriptive titles, clear headings, engaging content and the right video platform.

Search Engine Optimization has witnessed a change in fate with the algorithm updates and new optimization strategies emerging. 2020 is going to be the year of change in the realm of SEO.

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