Those who are new to this game of Search Engine Optimization world and are wondering, “What exactly it is and how it works,” let me break it down for you in the simplest way. SEO is a process that enables you to make changes to your website and work on it to improve your rank on search engines like Google and Bing. Nowadays, it is more important than ever as it holds a potential to … Continue reading How SEO Competition Analysis helps in Improving Website Ranking?

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With rapid growth in Digitization, companies rely on Digital platforms for their business marketing. While everyone was focused on Instagram and Facebook and their rapidly growing user base, no one quite noticed that LinkedIn was no far from this race with a user base of 500 million users. According to a survey, LinkedIn came out as the second most sought after social media platform, an ideal space for business marketing.Users are highly engaged on LinkedIn … Continue reading What are the LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for B2B Business?

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10 Reasons Why Visitors Tend to Ignore Your Website

Posted by Sheena Kaul
October 12, 2018
Category : Website

Many of the world’s most visible brands understand the value of using a website for marketing as the more visitors you have, the more opportunities you get to make your brand known. Websites provide the respective customers with all the relevant information about the business. Unfortunately, some businesses fall short in delivering their message, which may be due to a technical issue, a Google Algorithm update, or simply a poor optimization. Here are a few … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why Visitors Tend to Ignore Your Website

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5 Best Practices to Generate Leads through Email Marketing

Posted by Sakshi Shishodia
October 09, 2018
Category : Email Marketing

There are people who feel that emails are tumbledown but this might intrigue them that in the business world Emails are still swinging and are deemed as an authentic means of communication with clients and consumers. It doesn’t matter how advanced you are with handling the latest online marketing tools and technology, you still have to utilize Email methods in your marketing strategies in order to gain more leads. There are various tactics that one … Continue reading 5 Best Practices to Generate Leads through Email Marketing

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How to Fetch Actionable Data from Google Analytics

Posted by Apurva Parasher
September 29, 2018
Category : Google Analytics

There are not many spontaneous programs that are able to give you the valuable information that Google Analytics does. That’s the reason why marketing experts all over the world love it. Moreover, there are also some marketers that work only with Google Analytics to track their numbers and they are doing excellent work on it. You will find too much information in GA that you will be confused where to start from! This is the … Continue reading How to Fetch Actionable Data from Google Analytics

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