Your Practical Guide To Proper Keyword Research

Posted by Sheena Kaul
November 20, 2018

The consistent Google Algorithm updation is something we can’t do much about. For inbound marketers, the only constant thing is, “keyword research”. Your Search Engine Result page will fetch you plenty of articles, explaining the right way to research and use a keyword. Here’s an intriguing thing about all the articles, they provide an almost same set of guidelines with a minor difference in the set of instructions. What do you understand by Keyword Research? … Continue reading Your Practical Guide To Proper Keyword Research

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With more and more websites being added every second on the internet, the need for their security is essential more than ever. Google could foresee the future problems associated with the growing website culture and therefore has been encouraging website owners to secure their network. When you load a website, you are sure to see http://… Or https://… Ahead of the domain name. What’s the difference between the two you may think! HTTPS – Hypertext … Continue reading The Crucial Role Of SSL Certificate Implementation And Site Speed Optimization To Boost Your Ranking

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  The world of Digital Marketing is growing at a rapid pace. There are proactive strategists and then there are passive ones. We can broadly classify them as one of the two: Those with prior knowledge and a blueprint in the head. These are the kind of people that prepare beforehand and are well aware of everything they require to run the business efficiently. Those with little knowledge of Marketing, digital marketing in particular and … Continue reading How Important Is Data In Crafting Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

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If you are new to the digital realm then you might be confused with the Google analytics report.Let’s take a brief guide through bounce rate and everything about it that one should be aware of. Bounce rate is essentially a report that consists of the percentage of visitors to your website and represents how many people land on your website and left without clicking on other tabs. Many of you get confused with Bounce and … Continue reading Beginner’s Guide to Bounce Rate – Everything You Need to Know about It

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Those who are new to this game of Search Engine Optimization world and are wondering, “What exactly it is and how it works,” let me break it down for you in the simplest way. SEO is a process that enables you to make changes to your website and work on it to improve your rank on search engines like Google and Bing. Nowadays, it is more important than ever as it holds a potential to … Continue reading How SEO Competition Analysis helps in Improving Website Ranking?

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