Google Extends Search Results Snippets

Posted by Esha Goyal
December 12, 2017
Category : Digital Marketing

What is a Snippet? A Snippet is simply the description that follows the URL and the clickable title on the Google search page. Google defines it as “an excerpt from the webpage”. A snippet illustrates what the website entails in a brief and precise manner. Before Meta descriptions or snippets were limited to 160 characters. Now Google has increased the limit to 320 characters, giving more liberty to users. They can include more keywords to … Continue reading Google Extends Search Results Snippets

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To get more followers on Instagram, you must be consistent, accurate, and goal-oriented. That means ruling probable followers in their prevailing communities, partaking engaging content that encourages them to track your account, and telling a dependable, relatable story those amuses current followers and obliges new fans to junction the fold. It has been observed that brands which are popular on social media are seeing an average of four times the engagement then compared to any … Continue reading How to Build a Killer Instagram Following and Upsurge Your Sales

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10 Common Email Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid!

Posted by Aditi Arya
November 10, 2017
Category : Email Marketing

Email marketing endures to play a vigorous role for most businesses. In fact, the gamble to reach huge numbers of people by name with a specific message is a prospect that no one should overlook. Regrettably, through the years, many have recurring mistakes that have incapacitated their efforts. Do you need to make your email marketing campaigns more prosperous? Get on track by shunning these following mistakes which New Vision Digital listed for you: 1. … Continue reading 10 Common Email Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid!

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Marketers are continually beholding into the future, trying to expect the next vast trend, be it for their brands or their patrons. Naturally, marketers are engrossed with numerous questions related to Digital marketing. We at New Vision Digital created collection of top future trends that will change the marketing countryside five years from now grounded on top innovators in marketing and advertising. Here are the top 10 trends that we think are going to have … Continue reading The Top 10 Trends Which are Creating the Future of Digital Marketing

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20 Tools to Enhance your Content Marketing Efforts

Posted by Aditi Arya
October 09, 2017
Category : Content Writing

Creating radio spots and billboard ads are not sufficient in today’s consumer centric marketplace to associate with customers, its content that helps craft a story about your business, drive home your unique value and update potential customers why they should purchase your product or service over others. Push-starting your content marketing efforts can be an arduous battle if you don’t have the accurate tools in your hand to get the job done. Think like a … Continue reading 20 Tools to Enhance your Content Marketing Efforts

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