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SEO Guide to the Major Google Ranking Factors

Major Google Ranking Factors

There are tons of SEO ranking factors that Google keeps introducing now and then. Google ranking factors that essentially make or break the overall search optimization strategy are as follows:

  • Semantic Saturation – Your SEO content is your plot. You must structure the whole thing properly to make it a success. The right amount of keywords, images, and entities for the length of the content is very important. Keyword stuffing is a definite no.

How to optimize effectively?

It could become challenging to figure out what type of keyword to use and how to correctly use them. There are various SEO content editor tools that you can apply to know what the main and secondary keywords are. The recommended length of the copy also matters. Take into consideration everything related to content.


  • Backlinks – The backlinks are a major important ranking factor for the page. Black hat SEO strategies are a risky affair now. The links must come from high authority websites. Some Google patents also suggest that traffic is affected by backlink metrics.

How to optimize effectively?

You can use the right tool to overall analyze the competitor’s backlinks and then find the backlink gap, the websites that can link to the competitors, but not you. These are the websites that happen to be your prime outreach target. You can see how they link to niche websites.


  • HTML tags – HTML tags are important they indicate Google about the bits of the copy that need attention. Title and meta description tags are visible to the users, so be sure to use the right keyword.

How to Optimize?

If you have little knowledge about HTML tags, then you can search about the nitty-gritty online on various trusted sources. A thorough approach is required to know better about how to work well with HTML tags. Optimization is required to get the best of HTML.


  • Core Web Vitals – The user experience metrics has been introduced as a Google Ranking Factor. This is better understood as the first impression metrics that the user gets when they visit any page. It is especially based on terms of loading time of the page. The interactive content as well as the layout all plays a major role in the Google Ranking Factors.

How to Optimize?

Google has been sharing a set of optimization guidelines that work the best when it comes to ranking better. Be sure that you utilize the right resources to learn better about the overall methods, tips, and tricks that essentially work in your favor when it comes to resource loading.


  • Structured Data – Structured data is very important, can be used for ratings, product features, locations, and authors, so many more. Create links between the entities, be sure to pin your location, and also enhance the search snippets.

How to optimize?

Markup type is important, be sure that you submit the right link to the page. This linkage is important and helps enhance the page ranking. Save the HTML file and upload it to the website.


  • Google My Business Listing – Claiming, maintaining, and optimizing the Google My Business listing is simple yet very important for flourishing in the local SEO market. Your company entity is established with the help of Google listing this makes it a great asset to your SEO.

How to Optimize?

Visit Google My Business and create your profile as well as claim it. You would be asked to offer a few basic details that will verify the ownership. Add a description, business hours, and photos, but some interesting features will help you with overall Google ranking.

  • Mobile Optimization – Mobile-first indexing is also announced as a factor in ranking. In case, you want the website to rank better then you must ensure that desktop and mobile both versions are well optimized.


You must keep evolving yourself with the Google algorithm. Some ranking factors that have surfaced are backlinks, keywords, Content management, and mobile optimization. User experience is the most important factor. In case, you wish to enjoy better ranking for your website then New Vision Digital is the best Digital Marketing Agency in Noida. We help brands build their reputation through SEO, SMO, and Website Development services. Contact us to know more about our services.


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