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Some Important SEO 2021 Trends You Need to Know

SEO Trends 2021

Time is an ever-evolving entity. With time, trends change, technologies witness an upgrade and the old becomes obsolete. The SEO trends are no stranger to this, there are various factors that will be decisive for 2021. Here are some of the latest trends that you need to know and adopt in 2021.


SEO Trends #1. User-Focused Optimization 

Understanding the mechanics of crawling and indexing is important. Google has taken a leap by making search intent the basis of ranking better. This means that Google has laid emphasis on pure string matching. Content that answers the exact query is considered user-focused content. This essentially means that users are of prime importance, what they wish to search is what is offered to them, so this makes the website rank better.Content for Website

Stop useless traffic quests and lay better focus on the real audience and their goals. A solid SEO strategy ensures that depending on the target audience, the right keywords must be picked.


SEO Trends #2. High-Quality Content

Content has always been a prime decisive factor when it comes to website ranking. The better content you create, the more people like to read it, the more you get noticed and the better would be your website ranking. Google appreciates unique and engaging content. Poorly framed texts and content, that fails to entice readers, is definitely not Google’s choice.

High-quality content is what helps you rank as a brand. Short and un-optimized articles with keyword stuffing are surely going to make you lose the plot. The quality of the article, proper optimization, and natural way of writing is what attracts the audience as well as Google now.


SEO Trends #3. The Concept of E.A.T.

E.A.T. stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust. Google suggests that users must receive only fresh, relevant, and true content. The data shared must be authentic. By this concept the webmaster becomes an expert in the niche, you know it all about the product and shares only 100% authentic data.

Unproven data can cost you a dip in the website’s ranking. Bad reviews might not take long to come and find you if you write something that others can prove to be false. These false claims and content can cost you your loyal visitors, which can dip your website’s ranking.


SEO Trends #4. Mobile SEO for better Ranking

Mobile Website's SEO

In the era of mobile technology, it is important that you ensure constant improvement when it comes to Mobile Search engine optimization. People are mostly on their smartphones, searching for every little thing, so it would be ideal to have a mobile-friendly interface for your website. A great desktop appearance is great, there is no doubt about it. However, you must understand that Mobile optimization is a little different. Google also promotes mobile optimization with the mobile-first indexing update.


SEO Trends #5. SEO Scalability

2021 will be the year of scalability. Building a firm SEO strategy that ensures you stay ahead of the competition is very important. For scalable SEO, here are some helpful tips:

  • List all the activities, procedures, and workflows that you frequently do. Identify which measures can be automated or better done by using a tool.
  • Set up a warning system that tracks significant changes such as your critical keyword rankings, flip-flopping URLs for the same keyword ranking (URL cannibalization), changes in page content, URL changes, etc.
  • Establish SoPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for all the regular tasks. You can go for a fixed way to go about doing a task, this ensures that your team isn’t wasting time in reinventing how to do each task individually.


SEO Trends #6. Core Web VitalsCore Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are the ranking factors in 2021. The page experience can’t be ignored. Google has ensured to give prime importance to the fact that websites and businesses prioritize the overall core web vitals ranking. This includes a user-centric approach that comes with optimization efforts, here are some factors that affect page ranking:

  • How pages load easily and smoothly.
  • How quickly pages become open to user relationships.
  • How quick it is to use and navigate on mobile devices on a website.
  • The protection and security of the link of a site as users search through it.


SEO Trends #7. Knowledge Graph, Entities, and SERP Optimization

It means optimizing the brand’s entire digital presence, and also encompasses how Google features them. It’s not merely about the website, it is also about the properties owned and how they interact with one another on the SERP. Here are some activities that can help you judge the brand’s presence.

  • Ensuring a complete and accurate markup of the organization.
  • Establishing a presence such as Wikidata in the related knowledge bases.
  • Claiming the knowledge panel to use the Google feature for blogs.
  • Set up your Google My Business profile for physical enterprises.

SEO witnesses change in trends regularly. We are unsure of the future and what might change in the following updates, all we can be sure of is that change is inevitable and with the new updates we need to up our SEO game as well.

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