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10 Reasons to Choose WordPress For Your Website

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress

Businesses commonly make an error in judgement when it comes to the importance of their website design. They tend to underestimate the role of the website design in their digital marketing strategy. Web development and web design are two important aspects of a good digital marketing strategy. They hold the power to make or break a business’s online presence.

WordPress may have initially been used as a blogging site, but since its birth in 2003, it has gone from a simple blogging site to a preferred open source web development platform.

If you are planning on building a new site, here are top 10 reasons why you should choose WordPress:

1. WordPress is Cost Effective

Today, creating a website doesn’t entail heavy costs thanks to WordPress. WordPress designing and development is extremely cost-effective. Moreover, the upkeep and maintenance expense is relatively cheaper as you can yourself do it instead of hiring a designer every time you need to update the content of your site.

2. Easy to set up, manage and update

You don’t need to be an HTML coder to use WordPress; just an internet connection will suffice. Sign up for free on WordPress and voila! In 2 minutes you will have your website.
Plus, it’s easy to shift your starter website to a web hosting account when you are ready to further customize your website.

3. Suitable for blogs and websites

Initially, WordPress may have started as a blogging website, but over the years it has evolved to be a preferred web development platform. You can use WordPress to manage your whole website, not just your blogs. Today when blogging is on the rise, the most preferred medium for blogging is WordPress. It is suitable for both websites and blogging sites.

4. Search Engine Optimization friendly

Websites built using WordPress have simple and constant codes which makes them ideal for Google indexing. WordPress allows you to customize each page, giving you full control of which page you want to rank high in search engines.

Therefore, you can focus your SEO campaigns on high converting pages.

5. Offers thousands of professionally designed themes to choose from

WordPress offers a plethora of themes to choose from, out of which many are available free of cost. You can have a professionally designed website without going through the trouble of paying a professional web designer.

The WordPress theme directory entails a variety of interesting themes including ThemeForest, WooThemes etc.

6. Responsive web design

Responsive web design is no longer an option with traffic from mobiles increasing by the day. Using WordPress for your websites will automatically give you the benefit of responsive web technology without the need to develop separate websites for different devices.

7. Ideal for content marketing

Fresh content plays an important role in online marketing. By using WordPress, you can update your site’s content and you can do so as frequently as you wish without having to go through several complicated steps.

8. WordPress is popular

The easy to use style and the thousands of designed themes available have made WordPress extremely popular today. At last count over 27% of all websites were powered by WordPress.

9. WordPress is an open source

It is open source and free of commercial restrictions and limitations. You can use the software suited to your individual requirements, without fear that changes in someone else’s business model will have an adverse impact on one of your most important business assets.

10. Increased site security

If you have good WordPress web designers and developers, you can fortify your site’s security and make it hacking-proof.

Digital marketing is the need of the hour. Web development and web designing is a small part of a very large term, i.e., digital marketing. It makes up for an important part of digital marketing. A quality website design can have a huge impact on most areas of your digital marketing strategy, so it is important to consider the various elements in conjunction with one another. New Vision Digital is a digital marketing agency in Gurgaon and Noida that caters to all your digital marketing needs. We offer a plethora of digital marketing services including SEO, PPC, SMO etc.

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