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Why to Choose Magento Platform for Ecommerce Websites?

Magento Platform for Ecommerce Websites

Magento is an e-commerce platform that is written in PHP. It is the most popular open-source e-commerce system available. Magento has found popularity being ranked amongst the most used top three platforms that are user-friendly. The platform is favored by many due to its rich features, flexibility, and diversity. A-list companies and global brands flock towards Magento as their E-commerce platform, here are some of the reasons for choosing Magento for E-commerce websites:

  • Open-source Platform – The fact that Magento is an open-source platform with an annually paid commercial version and free community version. This allows the developers and their team the provision to customize, modify and extend source code. The ease of use is also an added advantage of this platform, the installation of extensions, as well as customer experience enhancement with the help of source code, is possible with Magento, compared to other available platforms like Shopify, Magento doesn’t ask for any charges to download it.
  • Features – Magento has diverse and rich features which makes it handy to use and aids the store owners the capability to manage a vast business from initiation to conclusion. Product creation to checkout experience as well as promotion is all taken care of by Magento. It also gives the freedom to business owners to freely take advantage of the diverse range of features that Magento has in store.

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  • Scalability – Magento is a highly versatile platform which essentially means that it supports all business size, and caters to all demands well. The high scalability allows you to start your business with a limited set of products and later expand the business with more products.
  • Security – E-commerce platforms must be secure and reliable. Magento, security is guaranteed with the highest level of efficiency, this makes the website safe. How does Magento ensure security? It establishes a security center which is formed with the vision to constantly provide its users the information about security updates, patches, and practices, as well as quick support. SSL certificate and PCI compliance are the security companies that are associated with Magento. As compared to other platforms Magento has fewer possibilities of being hacked and attacked due to the built-in features.
  • SEO friendlySearch Engine Optimization is another important feature that Magento offers. Magento supports the users with SEO components and enhances the ranking of search engine result pages. A survey has been carried out in the past that have proved Magento as the most powerful E-commerce platform with SEO features.
  • Language support – Multinational corporations trust Magento for their business operations. The major reason for this is the fact that multiple stores especially multiple languages are catered well and multiple currencies are also catered well under a single installation. The use of multiple stores helps enhance the shopping experience. In terms of website performance, Magento excels with fast page speed loading and effective query processing capability. The fact that Magento is easy to optimize makes it a highly accepted and used platform.
  • Mobile Experience – Magento is a mobile-friendly platform that works well with keeping up with the modern-day pace of using mobile devices. Websites that are created on Magento are highly responsive and work well both on desktop as well as mobile devices like notebooks, and tablets. The mobile shopping experience is ensured well by the Magento platform.
  • Extensions and upgrades – Magento modifies the source code to match the business requirements well. Store owners can not only install any Magento version and module but also easily upgrade with extensions. Providers extend a vast number of Magento extensions that can be applied well in any field.
  • Easy Third-party Integration – Besides using extensions, Magento also offers third-party integration tools as the most common choice for store owners. Tools such as Google Analytics, Google checkout, and payment methods like Braintree and Paypal are well integrated into Magento.


If you are a new store owner and are looking for a lucrative option to develop your website, then Magento is the right platform for you with all the right features carefully integrated. The interesting experience that is promised with Magento is sure to help your business flourish and earn better profits.