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How Marketers Leverage Seasonal Keywords for Christmas SEO?

Seasonal Keywords for Christmas SEO

The holiday season is just around the corner. The Christmas spirit has filled the air already and there are a lot of preparations that need to be done, right? And this is the time when you would want to give your optimization efforts a break. BUT DON’T! This is the time when you need to brace yourselves and go all in. This holiday season is the right time to focus on Christmas SEO and attract potential consumers. 

Seasonal keywords play an important role in website optimization. In this blog, we are going to talk about some tips that can leverage seasonal keywords for appropriate website optimization. 

1. Seasoned Seed Keywords as Per Your Niche 

The foundation of keyword research is seed keywords. Doing extensive keyword research will help you in finding what your seed keywords are. You can alter and modify them by adding holiday-related words such as gifts, ideas, holiday, Christmas, etc. 

You can even find additional ideas with Google Trends. Find the trending keywords in your country and generate more keywords accordingly. Google Trends will also be helpful in providing you with topics of your niche. It will help you to find more seed keywords with which you can generate even more keyword ideas. 

2. Expanding Your List of Keywords 

After you have collected the seed keywords for Christmas SEO, it is time for you to expand your list of keywords. One must note that while seed keywords have high search volumes, they are extremely competitive and quite hard to rank. If you want to have an edge and wish to rank well, find additional seasonal keywords that have less competition. 

You can do so by extracting ideas from the Google Suggestions but be careful, it is going to provide you with only a handful of suggestions. Related keywords can also be helpful. Google always suggests related queries at the very end of each page, so the users can easily modify their original terms and try their luck with the new set of keywords. If you are still unsatisfied with the keywords, you can utilize the Similar Keywords feature and find out several additional ideas with it. 

3. Picking Only What Generates Interest 

Now that you have a list of several keywords, this is the time to pick those keywords that have the potential to be fruitful for your website. Selecting the ones having low average search volumes always have a high chance of a dramatic increase in their search volumes. Most webmasters overlook this search volume which will give you a competitive advantage over others and help in improving your rankings. 

This is how you can utilize keywords for Christmas SEO. Let us now move to the other part of this blog. Let us now discuss how creating an effective SEO strategy for your website will help it to perform high in the holiday season. 

4. Putting Up Your Seasonal Products and Offers 

Understanding your target audience is a key factor in determining which product will actually garner the interest of people. Take a look at your previous year’s data and identify which offers you can use to lure your visitors and turn them into potential consumers. 

Here are some things which you may wish to feature on your site home page: 

– Products/services that perform well during the holiday season 

– Bundles that can help in product discovery 

– Special offers to attract consumers, both new and existing

The best part about these offers and seasonal promotions is that you can use a similar strategy every year. Just add a few modifications to the whole plan, and you have a brand-new seasonal strategy for your brand!

5. Attracting Conversions with Seasonal Content Strategy 

One of the most effective ways with which anyone can attract organic social media shares and natural backlinks is through seasonal content. It brings more sales, but it can happen only when:

– The content is relevant and caters to seasonal needs. You can identify that by having a thorough look at your competitors, surveying your customers, and working on ideas that are relevant. 

– The content should complement the products/services being marketed. The content should have a problem-solving approach and should be more consumer-centric. 


Seasonal SEO might appear quite overwhelming and a daunting task to perform, but with each passing year, it gets easier. You can use and re-use several seasonal campaigns and update much of your already present content to bring back your readers. With seasonal SEO, you can make good use of your previous year’s sales experience and patterns. Christmas is a great time to make money. It is the best time to turn your visitors into customers. So, this festive season, you should focus on your search engine optimization. We hope this blog has helped you understand how marketers easily leverage seasonal keywords for Christmas SEO.

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