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4 Things You Should Prioritize When It Comes To SEO

SEO is the next important procedure your website undergoes when it is fully implemented. It is done to increase the rank of your website on various search engines (Google, Bing etc…) by article submission, PDF submissions, classified websites and more.


You can’t just start anywhere with SEO and expect your rankings to increase; to succeed in your efforts you should prioritise certain SEO tasks which are:-

  • Quality content only! Say no to duplicate content

Avoid uploading duplicate content at all costs because it kills the visibility of your website as Google takes it as spam. As they say “The content is king”, develop content that is specifically intended for the visitors; it also increases your website traffic as well.

  • Responsive is the way to go

As nowadays searches take place more on mobile than on desktop; it is a must that a website is compatible with mobile platforms and moreover Google loves responsive websites!

  • User-friendly navigation

Don’t confuse people with your complex navigation; give them an easy & user-friendly experience so that they find what they need in time.

  • Being Indexed

You need to make sure that Google is crawling your website and hence you are showing up in SERPs; Google Webmaster tools are a great help for this!

New Vision Digital being the #1 Digital Marketing Agency understands that this is an era of cut throat competition & it is not easy for a website to obtain its best position; that’s why we provide you with the best SEO services in Noida with strategies that are bound to increase your website rankings effectively.

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Secret Mantra to Select the Best SEO Company for your Business

With the dominative emergence of digital marketing, many companies are coming up with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service. A part of digital marketing module, SEO is used to fetch free, organic search results on search engine that helps a company to stand out in the rankings of Google search.

Secret Mantra to Select the best SEO Company for your Business

Now the question comes “how to select the right company for SEO?” The answer to this question determines on major points that one has to keep in mind before trusting any company for SEO targets.

  • COST EFFECTIVENESS: Charging high quoted rates do not necessarily ensure you with good services, so make sure to opt for a company that provides a rundown of services at a convincing price.
  • SEO TECHNIQUE: Be aware of companies or agencies that use spam advertisement methods to rank you on top which can lead to blacklisting of your site, so know the company’s working and research on their SEO mechanism.
  • KEYWORDS RESEARCH: Use of Google keyword planner, SEMrush and Moz tools that helps in competitive analysis of the market. One must know what methodology a company uses for keyword evaluation.
  • PROVIDING TARGETED TRAFFIC: With Targeted Traffic, you attract genuine and favorable visitors. The right company will create accurate content through desired keywords for your website and distribute it to relevant channels, social media, and press.
  • SITE EVALUATION ANALYSIS: A reliable SEO company will provide you with an extensive analysis of your site regarding ranking, design structure and will troubleshoot related to your performance, content, and design.

These are the few mantras that one has to keep in mind while looking out for SEO Companies and it is even better, if you opt in for a company that not only specializes in SEO but covers digital marketing on whole. New Vision Digital is one such company in Delhi-NCR that has a solution for all your digital marketing issues from SEO to Conversion Optimization.

One correct decision today can take your business to a next level tomorrow.

Decision is all yours!

Avail SEO Services From Top SEO Agency in Noida

In this modern era of technology, having just a website is just not enough. If you are eyeing for more prominence on internet SEO is the finest possible solution to make your website well popular. SEO optimization makes it easier for a search engine to find your website by providing with good content, image, video and maps, internal & external linking strategies. We at NEW VISION DIGITAL not only promise you stouter online presence and better keyword rankings, but we assure you the maximum returns over your investments.

Avail SEO Services From Top SEO Agency in Noida

SEO services India aid to ensure that a site is available to a search engine and advances the chances that the site will be found and ranked highly by the search engine.It takes a profusely of strategic work and considerable time to develop and implement the most optimal framework of SEO techniques.

Make your followers your brand ambassador with the help of proficient team of SMO services India. Our company’s employees have all the techniques and skills to maximize the impact of social media interactions. Our creative approach make the team highly appreciated in market.

Some of the characteristics which our SEO agency in Noida equipped with are:

  • Vast Experience with 100% Success Ratio
  • Long  list of clients+ Successful Projects
  • Unconventional SEO Techniques
  • Reasonable SEO Marketing Services
  • SEO for all kind of Businesses

Our company brags on the team of unflagging certified SEO professionals, who have obsessed a unique expertise of understanding your business and completes the procedures in order to make your online reputation for the brand. We take a pride on our client-centric methodology search engine optimization services, which we deliver, are out of the box results and provide top ranks for your business.

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SEO Services Driven by Savvy and Quick Perfectionists

With the changing era, people nowadays are mostly dependable on Google to have solution for their every day to day work. If you are not listed on Google then your business will increase is a big question mark. The advent of technology serves customers and suppliers to have direct contact with each other. For this, NEWVISIONDIGITAL presents the best in class SEO services in India at affordable prices.

SEO Services Driven by Savvy and Quick Perfectionists

We are respected company for SEO and believe in providing the finest quality to customers. Further, we are globally known for our ethical approach towards our clients in order to provide them with higher level of satisfaction. Being conversant with a wide array of web technologies, our team is proficient enough to undertake each and every requirement of approachable websites. Our SEO team having trained professionals have decade of experience in providing customers with cutting-edge search engine optimization services. We take pride in ourselves on one of the best records in providing successful delivery of SEO services.

Our company offer transparent services which our team promises to deliver. The dedicated team of experts and qualified members provide the clients with continuous support. We are highly demanded in market for our quality of services and pocket friendly prices. Moreover, with the facility of direct discussion, customers can avail our services globally. Situated in United Kingdom and India, our SEO agency in Noida is extremely prevalent in the market. We offer premium quality in designing, digital marketing and development of your websites so that you can directly aim at your targeted audiences.

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Google Rolls Out Penguin 4.0: A Real-Time Algorithm

So what’s the hullabaloo about the recent Google core Algorithm – Penguin 4.0? Well, the recent update is more fast, efficient and granular as compared to all the Penguin algorithms rolled out in the past, assisting Google to refresh all the pages in real-time!


Till date, the promotion or demotion of the spammed web pages was done after a span of time when the new Penguin update use to roll out. The latest update has eliminated all chances of recouping from the errors by a real-time indexing of all data.

On 23rd September 2016, Google made Penguin 4.0 live along with announcing it as the integral part of Google Core Algorithm. The official statement followed declared:

“With this change, Penguin’s data is refreshed in real time, so changes will be visible much faster, typically taking effect shortly after we recrawl and reindex a page. It also means we’re not going to comment on future refreshes.”

Here are some top characteristics that define real-time Google Penguin 4.0 algorithm filter:

  • Link Detox Boost: Tests and tries all the unnatural or spammed links and not just disavows the whole work at once.
  • Granular: Penguin 4.0 analyses all aspects of your website on a fine level including your folders, keywords, pages and domains. The granular approach also makes it harder to notice “small Google penalties”.
  • Competitive Link Detox: Rather than demoting the entire website, Google will now be able to black-list a particular section that is heavily SEOed.
  • Filter Slice Feature: Allows examining the risk of group keywords, countries, sources of domains, types of links etc.

Each Google update brings forth new marketing challenges, but New Vision Digital’s tech-adept team always remain braced with ever latest stratagems to present our clients with successful online results for their e-Commerce websites. We are an affordable SEO company based in Noida providing all-round digital marketing solutions to clients across globe. Along with providing search engine optimization services in India, we also offer in-budget Social Media Optimization, Pay per Click, Responsive Web Design & Development, WordPress Development and Mobile Apps services.

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Google Algorithm Updates In 2015!

Google Algorithm Updates In 2015

It all basically started with Google launching its toolbar in 2000 with Toolbar PageRank (TBPR) and since then, there have been many new and exciting algorithm updates and search index refreshes. Some of the significant updates over the course of last 15 years are:

  • Boston, Cassandra, Dominic, Esmeralda, Fritz, and Florida in 2003.
  • Austin, Brandy and Google IPO in 2004.
  • Nofollow, Allegra, Bourbon, XML Sitemaps, Gilligan, Jagger, Google Local/Maps and Big Daddy in 2005.
  • False Alarm in 2006.
  • Universal Search and Buffy in 2007.
  • Dewey and Google Suggest in 2008.
  • Rel-canonical Tag, Vince, and Real time Search in 2009.
  • Google Places, May Day, Caffeine, Brand Update, Google Instant, Social Signals and Negative Reviews in 2010.
  • Attribution Update, Panda/Farmer, Panda 2.0, Panda 2.1, Schema.org, Panda 2.2, Google+, Panda 2.3, Panda 2.4, Expanded Sitelinks, 516 Algo Updates, Panda 2.5, Query Encryption, Panda 3.1 and two 10 Pack Updates (November and December) in 2011.
  • Google+ personalisation in SERP results, Panda 3.2, Ads above the Fold, Panda 3.3, Venice, Panda 3.4, Parked Domain Bug, Panda 3.5, Penguin, Panda 3.6, Knowledge Graph, Penguin 1.1, Panda 3.7, Panda 3.8, Link Warnings, Panda 3.9, 7 Results SERPs, Panda 3.9.1, Panda 3.9.2, Pirate, EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update, Penguin (#3), Page Layout, Panda (#20, #21, #22, #23) and Knowledge Graph Expansion in 2012.
  • Panda (#24, #25), Phantom, Domain Crowding, Penguin 2.0, Panda Dance, Payday Loan Update, Panda Recovery, Knowledge Graph Expansion, In-depth articles, Hummingbird, Penguin 2.1, and Authorship Shake-up in 2013.
    Page Layout (#3), Payday Loan 2.0, 3.0; Panda 4.0, 4.1; Authorship Photo Drop, Pigeon, HTTPS/SSL Update, Authorship removed, Penguin 3.0, Pirate 2.0, Penguin Everflux and Pigeon Expands to UK, CA, and AU in 2014.
    Mobilegeddon AKA Mobile Update, Quality Update, Panda 4.2 and Rank Brain launch in 2015 also made headlines.

To know more on how these updates affect your websites PageRank in the SERPs and how we can help you retain them, drop an email to info@newvisiondigital.co

Differentiating Between Google+ Profile And Google+ Page

imgpsh_fullsize (2)

Not many know the difference between the two and most often the terms are used interchangeably.
Allow us to try and explain it to you in simple words,

    • A Google+ Profile represents individuals and is managed personally by the user just like how you manage your Facebook or Instagram profiles. On the other hand, a Google+ Page most often represents an entity like a business organisation, celebrity fan pages, institutions, brands or pseudonyms which might be managed by multiple administrators simultaneously.
    • User’s identity also marks a distinguishing point across the two. Although a user can make and manage up to 50 pages from a single Google account, he/she has the choice to use a separate page identity, different from the personal profile identity of the account from where the page originated. It is easy to switch between pages and connected channels without having to swap between multiple accounts.
    • While the personal profile content can be made private and accessible only to the people added in the user’s circles, default privacy settings for the page content is public.
    • Pages have the ‘+1’ button (Google’s version of Facebook Like button) which is used by the users to show support and follow the page profile, content shared and published and receive notifications regarding the same.
    • Google+ Page profiles don’t have the option to add people themselves until and unless they are added first or mentioned by another user.

Interesting isn’t it? We are sure you would correct anyone who mixes them both again based on the aforementioned facts and differences. Contact us for efficient search engine optimization in India. For more such informational writings, subscribe to our RSS feed.

Interesting On Page Local SEO Tricks

Local SEO has a place of its own when it comes to digital marketing practices. Making your business visible among your targeted audience can only be possible with proficient local SEO techniques along with a result oriented PPC campaign.

Interesting On Page Local SEO Tricks

Keeping PPC aside for some other post, here we have put together some interesting on page tricks your local SEO executive should be using to bring more traffic to your website.

  •  Fresh Content– Your website should have fresh and updated content regarding the information of the products or services offered by your business. Make the content short, crisp and more visually appealing with the help of creative design layouts, including images, videos and gifs. Make sure the content posted on your website is not copied since that would negatively affect your rankings in the popular SERPs.
  •  Landing pages– Make sure you provide updated, useful information on your landing pages. It would be beneficial to include targeted keywords, business descriptions, maps, links and necessary contact details of your business for easy reference for your visiting customers.
  •  Page Tags– Mention the geographical area of your business operation in the text content of as many pages as you can along with the page URLs, Meta Tags, Title Tags and H1 Headers. When this approach is coupled with adding keywords in page content, it can become one of the most important and successful strategies of your local SEO campaign.

You can also choose the easy way out and browse through our affordable SEO packages in India, UK, USA and other major countries around the world. For more information, reach out to us at info@newvisiondigital.co