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The Crucial Role Of SSL Certificate Implementation And Site Speed Optimization To Boost Your Ranking

SSL certification

With more and more websites being added every second on the internet, the need for their security is essential more than ever. Google could foresee the future problems associated with the growing website culture and therefore has been encouraging website owners to secure their network.

When you load a website, you are sure to see http://… Or https://… Ahead of the domain name. What’s the difference between the two you may think!

HTTPS – Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, it represents a secure connection with the website. This means that the site has SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate accredited to it.

HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol, is used for data communication. This also represents a non-secure connection to the website.

SSL allows a secure connection from the web server to the browser, which helps build trust amongst the users and also boosts page rank:

  • Secure site – Ensuring that the sensitive data that is transmitted from your website travels a secure connection, is the first benefit of SSL certificate. From login details to signup forms, it ensures the safety of all the information.
  • Subdomains safety is aided– If you are a business owner with a colossal website with plenty of subdomains then you might want to go for a specific SSL certificate called Wildcard that provides security to your main site as well as the fellow subdomains attached to it.
  • Trust for your customers – SSL certificate is a certificate of “safe connection”. With cybercrimes taking over the network, assuring your customer’s a safe browsing experience will definitely work in your favor. The more trust a customer gains on your brand, the more likely it is for him to revisit.
  • Fruitful SEO results – SSL certificate is also accredited by Google, having an SSL certificate installed improves the website’s ranking. Following up on the HTTPS Everywhere initiative, Google provides secure websites a boost in the ranking. So having an SSL certificate definitely helps with boosting the rank of your page.


Having understood the crucial role of SSL certificate in boosting the rank of the page. It’s now time to understand the affect Site speed optimization can have on the page rank.

In 2010, Google announced that site speed was a new factor adding to the organic-search ranking algorithm. A site’s page loading time can have negative as well as positive impact on the number of site visitors. In this fast-paced life, people don’t wish to spend more than 5 seconds on a website. The window of scope for the first impression is microscopic. If your website doesn’t load quick people will go on to another website. Improving a site’s page loading time is thus very crucial and important. It can be a laborious task, it involves discreet planning, resource planning, flawless execution, and rigorous testing. For a website with large no of inner pages, the testing and site planning itself can take several months.

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