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Your Practical Guide To Proper Keyword Research

Keyword research
The consistent Google Algorithm updation is something we can’t do much about. For inbound marketers, the only constant thing is, “keyword research”. Your Search Engine Result page will fetch you plenty of articles, explaining the right way to research and use a keyword. Here’s an intriguing thing about all the articles, they provide an almost same set of guidelines with a minor difference in the set of instructions.

What do you understand by Keyword Research?

Keyword research, as the name suggests, is the task of researching keywords that people are expected to enter into the search engine. To rank your page in Google, targeting the right keywords is a must. Diligent research goes into deciding proper keywords for your Search Engine Strategy.

How to research keywords?

  • List down the topics relevant to your business – Think of your business. Ask yourself, “who is our target audience?”, “what services do we offer?”, and “what is famous relating to my business?” Think about the generic topics relevant to your business.

Let’s consider you are a Digital Marketing firm offering SEO, SMO, Content Management services, you will have generic topics like, “content marketing”, “email marketing”, “lead generation”.

  • Streamline the topic buckets to form keyword phrases – People generally type in the phrasal form of a query, we are more comfortable typing in a whole phrase. For instance, if you wish to buy a bucket online, you might type in “best buckets online at a cheap price”. I believe you have now understood the meaning of phrase research.
  • Search terms related to the research – Type in your related search term in the search bar, a drop-down list of suggestions will appear. This drop down contains some of the expected keywords that might be related to your query. These can be your food for thought to help you come up with new keywords that might help you rank your page better.
  • Long-Term Keywords and head terms – Long-term keywords are a long phrase with three or more words. Head terms, on the other hand, are shorter generic phrases. A successful and foolproof keywords strategy is one that strives to acquire balance. Head terms are more frequently searched, this makes them competitive and hard to rank.

Let’s understand by an example,


“How to rank using SEO”,

Which amongst the two would be harder to rank? Of course, SEO, more competition means fewer chances of ranking.

  • Learn from contenders – Understand your contenders ranking strategy. If you and your competitor are aiming for same keywords, then it is suggested to improve your ranking strategy. The first thought that crosses your mind must be, how do I know what keywords are being used by my competitors? Other than manual search, try SEMrush, it runs free reports to fetch you top keywords for your domain.
  • Try Google AdWords Keyword Planner – Set up an Adwords account, try Google AdWords Keyword Planner, formerly known as Keyword Tool. It is a great source to search traffic and volume for the potential rank worthy keywords.


Keyword researching is the most crucial task and shouldn’t be ignored. If you are looking for an expert’s assistance to help you with SEO, SMO and Online reputation management for your business, then trust New Vision Digital. We rank amongst the top Facebook marketing company in India. Our professionals will help you achieve your business goal and grow your business manifolds.

The Crucial Role Of SSL Certificate Implementation And Site Speed Optimization To Boost Your Ranking

SSL certification

With more and more websites being added every second on the internet, the need for their security is essential more than ever. Google could foresee the future problems associated with the growing website culture and therefore has been encouraging website owners to secure their network.

When you load a website, you are sure to see http://… Or https://… Ahead of the domain name. What’s the difference between the two you may think!

HTTPS – Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, it represents a secure connection with the website. This means that the site has SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate accredited to it.

HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol, is used for data communication. This also represents a non-secure connection to the website.

SSL allows a secure connection from the web server to the browser, which helps build trust amongst the users and also boosts page rank:

  • Secure site – Ensuring that the sensitive data that is transmitted from your website travels a secure connection, is the first benefit of SSL certificate. From login details to signup forms, it ensures the safety of all the information.
  • Subdomains safety is aided– If you are a business owner with a colossal website with plenty of subdomains then you might want to go for a specific SSL certificate called Wildcard that provides security to your main site as well as the fellow subdomains attached to it.
  • Trust for your customers – SSL certificate is a certificate of “safe connection”. With cybercrimes taking over the network, assuring your customer’s a safe browsing experience will definitely work in your favor. The more trust a customer gains on your brand, the more likely it is for him to revisit.
  • Fruitful SEO results – SSL certificate is also accredited by Google, having an SSL certificate installed improves the website’s ranking. Following up on the HTTPS Everywhere initiative, Google provides secure websites a boost in the ranking. So having an SSL certificate definitely helps with boosting the rank of your page.


Having understood the crucial role of SSL certificate in boosting the rank of the page. It’s now time to understand the affect Site speed optimization can have on the page rank.

In 2010, Google announced that site speed was a new factor adding to the organic-search ranking algorithm. A site’s page loading time can have negative as well as positive impact on the number of site visitors. In this fast-paced life, people don’t wish to spend more than 5 seconds on a website. The window of scope for the first impression is microscopic. If your website doesn’t load quick people will go on to another website. Improving a site’s page loading time is thus very crucial and important. It can be a laborious task, it involves discreet planning, resource planning, flawless execution, and rigorous testing. For a website with large no of inner pages, the testing and site planning itself can take several months.

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Go Digi – Ecommerce SEO Tips to Boost Online Store Sale

Go Digi - Ecommerce SEO Tips to Boost Online Store Sale

We’re living in the 21st century where almost all businesses, whether big or small, are shifting their base to the online medium. Whether we talk about service-based businesses or retail stores, the internet has proven to be a big boon for the companies. As a medium, it not only allows one to promote his or her business on a wider scale of the population across the globe but also makes it possible for businesses to attract leads even from the most remote corners of the world. Someone travelling from Australia to India is now able to easily book his wedding Sherwani from a designer who is actually based out of the United States. Thus you see, no matter where you are, no matter where you are heading to, the internet has made the world one small global village where everything is accessible just at the click of a button.


But how does one make it work? SEO of course! Social Media Optimization is what drives a website’s ratings and position on the online list. The way one optimizes their business and website decides the future of the business through the online medium. A great SEO service can easily help your business reach the top rankings on search engines within a short span of time. Similarly, an inadequate SEO service could leave your brand hanging with no growth prospects. Thus, in order to dominate the search engines and boost your e-commerce sales with effect, it is imperative that you opt for the correct SEO tricks and techniques that would help your brand reach the desired results.

digital marketing company in India

Given below are some of the tips that one can follow to enhance their SEO rankings and boost e-commerce sales.

1. Accurately designed URL structure

A haphazard URL structure is most likely expected to the leave the customer lost and wondering where to go next. However, a clean architecture and the structure of the URL will offer the user the facility to search for what they are looking for in exact terms.

2. Avoid redundancy

Any website that has duplicate product descriptions is instantly ranked lower as per Google terms. Therefore, it is important for one as a business owner to ensure that the descriptions on the website are unique and do not clash with Google policies as ‘duplicates’.

3. Keyword tools

Keywords are what help your website’s discoverability on the internet. A good selection of keywords is thus important as poor keywords will not help your website show up on the search engines. Nowadays there are several tools available online to help you search for the keywords best suited for your category of business.


4. Image optimization with keywords

Another important factor that would help your brand’s SEO ranking online would be the keyword optimization of the images you use on the website. Every image used on the site must have relevant keywords in the ALT tags.

5. Social media link usage

One of the most effective ways to get more traffic on your website is to include your product’s links on the social media posts. Nowadays most social media platforms allow the tagging of product on sale and thus it serves as an excellent way to get more website redirects.

6. Best selling items at the front

Just like brick and mortar store, the best-selling products must be showcased at the front of the website. Someone who clicks on your link must be able to see the best products that lure them to explore the site more.

7. Mobile friendly websites

Statistics show that a majority of the population prefers to access the internet over their mobile web browsers. Thus the websites must be optimized and developed in such a way that it opens right on every device and does not get truncated from any end.

There are several steps that go into making a website SEO friendly to increase online sales, but the most important point to remember is patience and perseverance. SEO is a slow process and with the launch of new brands each day, it is also becoming home to massive competition. New Vision Digital in Noida is recognized as the premier digital marketing company in India that walks ahead daily with the aim of promoting each client’s business online. Our SEO services help our clients reach the top rankings in the shortest spans of market stats.