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Top 8 Free & Paid YouTube Keyword Tools to increase Video Reach

Free and Paid YouTube Keyword Tools

Are you in search of the best keyword tools to increase your video reach on YouTube? It’s here. 

As the world’s 2nd largest search engine, YouTube has over 2 billion users who watch videos uploaded on the channel for a billion hours every day. This means that a lot of content is uploaded every minute, and no one can watch every new video that is published on YouTube. Therefore, marketers are constantly looking for developing thoughtful and result-yielding SEO strategies that increase their content’s reach and help them rank on this search engine for more visibility. These SEO strategies encompass an array of factors, and one major component of the same is incorporating the right keywords. And, YouTube keyword tools assist in eliminating this guesswork of finding the keywords and jumping to a conclusion.

A YouTube keyword tool refers to a digital program that helps marketers identify what the users search on the platform, gives strategic insights into customer habits and have an edge over competitors in the race of rankings. And, if you are one of those marketers looking out for such digital programs, Youtube keyword tools can be of help!

Therefore, once you know what your target audience prefers searching for, you can incorporate those keywords into your video’s name, tags, transcript and description. This will help you boost your search and rank higher in the YouTube trending list. 

Businesses of all sizes, whether it’s a ten employee firm or a large-scale enterprise, need to approach SEO thoughtfully, which is why they should be acquainted with the YouTube keyword tools, like the ones listed below-

Here are the best Keyword Tools for YouTube

Here are the best paid and free YouTube keyword tools we’ve found for your perusal. Find features, functions, discover whether they are free or paid and use the tools as seems fit for your business-

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is considered a marketing analyst’s best buddy. The tool has a vast collection of SEO, competitor analysis, keyword research and identification functions which help in the optimisation of video content. The platform’s YouTube keyword tool is quite impressive as it manages to pull YouTube search volumes for keywords from 171 countries.

Ahrefs’ keyword search tool is managed in a sleek and simple to use dashboard. Type your keyword in the search bar and Ahrefs will present data of the total search volume of the term and how many clicks the phrase has earned worldwide. 

Ahrefs offers 4 pricing tools and is one of the most expensive options on this list of YouTube keyword tools. However, if you are serious about keyword research, it is worth the investment. 

2. Keywordtoo.io

Keywordtoo.io is another tool used for improving YouTube SEO. This tool is an autocomplete keyword program that generates trending and popular search phrases from base terms entered by a user. As one of the most popular YouTube keyword tools, it helps businesses improve their SEO strategy by providing a list of recommended results based on what others have searched for before. 

The most basic features of this tool can be accessed for free. However, to access other features such as cost-per-click and competitor keyword analysis, you will have to purchase their monthly plans. 

3. Tubebuddy

Tubebuddy is a tool designed to discover tags that are linked to your search terms. The tool’s dashboard also displays the overall score of the search terms, how competitive each term is, the number of times it was searched and a lot more. And, Since Tubebuddy is a light-weight Chrome extension, it is easy to use and install. Moreover, you can take advantage of this brilliant tool for free.

4. Keywords Everywhere

Another important component of the  YouTube Keyword Tools list is Keywords Everywhere. Unlike other keyword tools, Keywords Everywhere does not suggest phrases, tags or other keywords to the users. Instead, the tool displays three essential and useful data points on YouTube’s search engine. These data points are-

  • The term’s or phrase’s search volume
  • Cost per click
  • Competitiveness i.e the number of advertisers running ads on Google keywords for the term you’ve searched for. 

Keywords Everywhere is a simple browser add-on, which is not just a tool you’ll need but a great addition to your collection for SEO. It is simple to use and free to install. 

5. VidIQ

As a YouTube certified partner, VidIQ assists video content creators to discern the best keywords for enhancing searchability for their videos. Whenever you search a term, this tool pulls data from YouTube to give you useful information like recommended tags, top-performing videos etc. You can even use VidIQ to explore other related keywords and take a look at their search volume for a previous day, month or year or even since YouTube was started. 

It is one of the widely used YouTube keyword tools and comes with dozens of features. However, to use the keyword research tool, you need to have a subscription. But as it is quite affordable, small businesses running on tight budgets can make use of it and improve their digital content’s rankings and visibility. 

6. Keyword Tool Dominator

An easy-to-use tool for newbies, Keyword Tool Dominator creates a list of suggested search phrases that encompass the term you typed into the search bar on Youtube. 

The tool is known for keeping both keyword research and its pricing simple. However, the tool is free for only up to three keyword searches per day, and if you require searching terms more frequently, go ahead and purchase their one-time plan. 

7. Kparser

Kparser is a tool that generates keyword tags. All you need to do is type in a term or a phrase, and Kparser will bring up a lengthy list of other related high-performing tags, their search volume and cost per click. The tool is considered specifically great for international businesses as it allows the user to analyse data and generate search terms as per location and language to modify the SEO strategy. 

The tool is free to use for its basic features; however, if you upgrade to a monthly membership, you will probably take better advantage of the same. 

8. HyperSuggest

The last tool in the list of top YouTube keyword tools, HyperSuggest is a tool you’ll need in your arsenal. Super easy to use, HyperSuggest works across nine different search channels. As soon as you type in a search term, the tool pulls the top tags for videos related to that phrase in seconds. Along with this, it provides you with a qualified list of search phrases to be included in your video title, transcript, description and tag list.

The basic features of this tool are free, but for a complete list of results, you are required to pay for a Pro plan. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you have gained enough knowledge of YouTube keyword tools, you’re ready to ace up your marketing strategy. However, ranking higher in YouTube results is not just limited to using the right keywords. If you really want to amp up your SEO game on YouTube, it is essential to use effective marketing strategies with assistance from the right professionals.

 At New Vision Digital, we offer complete assistance to strategise and publish content on YouTube and other channels. Our team comprises seasoned professionals that follow a keyword-focused approach to your drive rankings for your content and help you gain visibility on YouTube. So if you are looking forward to a marketing campaign that helps yield results for your hard work, we will be delighted to assist. Connect with us to discuss your project today.

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