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The Rising Demand of Video in Digital Marketing


This concept of integrating video in the brand marketing strategy isn’t new. What has shifted is the prominence of content on both platforms and channels. Video is no longer merely a component of the overall marketing strategy. It’s crucial to your outreach and campaign activities, including your social media strategy. Video dominates social media, all the reels and short videos that are keeping you entertained are also in a way promoting their brands. If as a brand you haven’t yet realized the power of video you might be missing out on a superb resource. It isn’t too tricky or difficult of a process. Remember to keep it real and raw, the more real the material is the better it would be for your brand. Today video processing is possible from the smartphone, making it easier than ever to make a video. Let’s dip our feet a little more in the pool of video and digital marketing.

Why is video important in Digital marketing?

Various explanations are supporting the use of videos in the digital marketing realm, but the following are some of the most convincing figures that illustrate the significance of video in digital marketing:

1. 97 per cent of advertisers believe videos help consumers appreciate goods better.

2. Video is currently used by 81 per cent of companies as part of a digital media campaign.

3. Live stream traffic accounts for 13% of all traffic.

4. Ninety per cent of users say that watching a video would help them make a purchase decision.

If these figures aren’t enough to get your creative juices flowing, wonder that you, as a digital marketer, love watching videos. Videos can be addictive if they’re well-made, and they give viewers a personal link to what they’re watching. Businesses may use video ads to easily illustrate crucial facets of their business while adding enjoyable visuals, a spunky accent, entertaining audio, or stylish image.

Types of Videos to Use

There are several different types of videos that digital marketers can use, but here is a handful that we have found to be the most powerful in our client’s digital marketing strategies:

1. Facebook Live Video: This sort of video offers users an uncut, raw insight into the content that a company needs to share. Facebook Live also helps users to interact with the company owner or representative in real-time.

2. Interview-style video: Short interviews with the staff gives the customers a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at the heart of the company while retaining a respectful demeanour.

3. Insightful Video with Animation: This is the most common type of video produced, it contains key company statistics as well as trendy images or brief video clips, as well as fun graphics and transitions.

Do Videos help with SEO?

Websites with video content are increasingly preferred by Google’s algorithms. You don’t want to overlook it; 93 per cent of internet impressions begin with a search engine, so you’ll want to do whatever you can to get on the vital first list. And you’ll want to be in the first three results, as the top three positions receive 55% of all clicks.

There’s a lot you can do to improve your search engine results page (SERP) score, but adding videos in particular works in a variety of ways:

• Raising the number of users who click on your links: Using video on your website boosts organic traffic from SERPs.

• Decrease the bounce rates: People spend about twice as much time on a website with video as they do without it.

• Developing high-quality backlinks: The higher the quality of your post, the more backlinks you’ll get.

Video is magical, but the true magic occurs when you pair it with strong SEO and useful material. That’s when you render unicorn material, which has a high click-through rate. Overall, video won’t be enough to save the website without an excellent SEO strategy coming through.

Consider it a cycle. More viewers will see your web because of the video, which means more people will click on your post. But, if your on-page material isn’t high-quality, it won’t remain on your site for too long. In reality, this may be counterproductive. Since the search engine doesn’t want to send users to a pointless website, hosting a low-quality video with little to no background would lower your rating. More users will see your site in the SERPs at first, but if your page doesn’t meet their needs, they’ll soon leave, signalling to the search engines that your site isn’t useful.

Reasons why your business should use Video Marketing

  • Video can boost the conversions and Sales rates by engaging the audience better than content.
  • Video content gives the customer an insight into the brand, thereby building trust.
  • Video increases visitor’s time on the website thereby boosting page traffic and engagement. Optimized videos are a great part of the marketing strategy.
  • Video marketing is interactive and appeals more due to the easy explanation and in-depth nature.
  • Video engages even the laziest people. Who would say that watching a video is difficult?
  • The video encourages the number of social shares.

If you are a brand struggling with finding the right marketing strategy, then we, at New Vision Digital can help you, from social media strategy, website development, ad campaign, to SEO, we can handle it all for you. Leave your brand marketing to us, so you can focus on your core business tasks.

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