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Three Pillars of Focus for Future SEO Success

Three Pillars of Focus for Future SEO Success

Every person living and breathing in the digital realm is constantly questioning, “What is working and what must be added to make it big in the digital realm?” SEO has evolved a great deal, and it will keep changing as search engines are updated. What can we expect it to be like in the coming years? What should you concentrate on? These are some common questions. 

The changes we’ve undergone to best promote our products have been massive; formerly we thought of it as trying to find a good single keyword to place on every page. However, the tide has changed now…understanding the quest is more important now.

It is highly likely that search engines increasingly emphasize prediction, with an eye towards more accurate search results, since consumers will be satisfied if they don’t have to repeat their search after getting inaccurate results.

Here are some tips to ensure your SEO strategy stays relevant:


Google is employing a language model called BERT (short for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) to train its AI on the language it needs to do its tasks. To better comprehend words in phrases, language models like these are created.

The new patent, along with Google’s work on machine learning and delivering better responses to searches, forms the foundation of a more comprehensive information tool for search results.

An open-domain question and answering (“open-QA”) assignment will improve the knowledge retriever via the fine-tuning of its language model. The knowledge retriever’s language model must attempt to anticipate responses to a collection of direct questions. The questions might be something like, “what is the capital of India?”, “Who is the President of India?”

At this stage of fine-tuning, the knowledge retriever utilises the learned relevance to retrieve documents for the language model to answer.

It has become a habit for us to seek fast answers from search engines thanks to our use of mobile devices and voice search. So that means a lot of focus should be on answering questions.

In terms of SEO, it implies that in the years to come, we need to concentrate on target consumers’ queries in addition to keywords. This also brings us the rising demand for voice search. And lastly, we need to create and tailor content to address each one specifically.


The one who isn’t online, can’t go places. This brings us to the most important aspect of SEO, local SEO. It is anticipated that it will be important in years to come. For instance, you are craving some delectable South Asian food, what do you do? Type “South Asian food restaurant near me”, in your search engine. What does this bring you? It presents you with all the listed South Asian food joints. 

This is a clear example of being present where your customers are searching. Customers are now highly reliant on finding local services and goods by use of maps, and I don’t see this changing shortly. To successfully do so, you must not only focus on organic SEO but also invest your energy into Local SEO.


Although it’s one of the first things taught in Marketing 101, searcher intent is something that’s frequently neglected in our SEO efforts.

Choosing the right keywords that target the right aspect in a campaign is more complex than looking at search traffic, and understanding the intent of words and phrases is important. You must verify the pages match the purpose of the business.

This relates to the topic of how to answer questions. Search Engine Optimization will soon be about targeting the people, not the data, and delivering new knowledge for customers by producing the best-optimized content.

SEO is always evolving. To be ready for future SEO, it’s wise to study the news of the industry and track the changes in search engines.

If you are new to the digital realm and looking for a reliable digital marketing agency to help your business, we are here for you! Contact our experts at New Vision Digital, and we shall help you carve a lucrative business path for your brand. 

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