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Top 10 SEO Rank Tracker Tools to check Search Engine Rankings

Best SEO Rank Tracker Tools

Are you looking for a ranking software that enables you to monitor your SEO Campaign progress and help you outperform the competition? 

But, with so many SEO rank tracker tools available in the market, are you aware of which one could meet your requirements? 

Don’t fret! Let us help. 

Below we’ve outlined the best SEO rank tracker tools for people who want their business to scale heights in the ranking competition. These tools are our top-ranking recommendations as they offer a bunch of good features to help you track your progress. Take a minute to read what these rank tracking tools are about and which of these might be the right fit for you-

1. Ahref

An all-encompassing SEO tool, Ahrefs’ rank tracker offers exactly what you need and expect for your business. It is one of the most popular and well-known SEO rank tracker tools which helps monitor visibility and website traffic through analytics. With the tool, you can also track position distribution, add filters, tags, and track metrics like CPC, return rate, estimated search volume to keywords. You may start with a 7-day trial and then choose a membership depending on users, projects, keywords, crawl credits etc. 

2. SE Ranking

Another very popular and well-known rank tracking tool is SE Ranking. If you may wonder what it offers, the answer is “almost everything”. As an all in one tool, SE Ranking offers a lot more than any ranking tracker when you sign up. It includes a whole host of tools including backlink analysis, keyword research, site auditor, marketing plan, and more. The tool also allows you to track YouTube, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo rankings. SE Ranking is known for balancing affordability, functionality, ease of use and helps improve your overall SEO performance. Those interested can take up a 14-day free trial or purchase plans as per requirements.

3. Growth Bar

Another incredible tool in the list of top SEO rank tracker tools is Growth Bar. It is a tool perfect for small businesses and agencies as it provides everything an SEO platform ought to, such as backlink monitoring, competitor reports and keyword analysis. The icing on the cake, Growth Bar is the first SEO tool to use OpenAI GPT-3, the largest language model AI content creator yet. You can use a free 5-day trial and if it suits your purpose, purchase a monthly plan at $ 29 per month. 

4. SEMrush

SEMrush is an all in one SEO platform tool with a myriad of services and features. As one of the hottest SEO rank tracker tools in the market, SEMrush is not just for rank tracking. It allows you to track your domain’s performance, perform competitor analysis, spot and fix cannibalisation. Apart from this, you can also track the volatility of Baidu and SERPS with the help of this tool on the basis of daily ranking changes. Its premium pricing structure makes it ideal for medium to large-size organisations. If the tool suits your purpose, you may select a starter, business or enterprise pack.

5. Wincher

A budget-friendly rank tracking software, Wincher is a simple and easy to use tool packed with a lot of features. You can use an easily readable dashboard, get ranking alerts, daily updates, and monitor keywords just as efficiently as other tools for free. The ranking tool has a clean interface that enables you to monitor your progress by tracking the keywords, their position in SERPs and other relevant information. You can also monitor your competitors’ data as it allows you to add 10 competitors per domain. There are three pricing plans available – free, professional and enterprise as per premium features. 

6. Seo Powersuite

A software unique in all aspects, SEO Powersuite has tools you can download and install on your computer and laptops. As one of the most affordable SEO rank tracking tools, it is perfect for organisations that have a lot of clients. The power suite includes four tools- SEO Spyglass, Website Auditor, Rank Tracker and LinkAssistant. With this software, you can check the results of 327 search engines, analyse 10 competitors, and see rankings in verticals such as images, videos and news. You can purchase a free, professional or enterprise plan as per the features required. 

7. Zutrix

Zutrix has been Lauded as “the best google rank tracker” because of the features it offers to businesses. It uses proprietary AI software to assist you in monitoring keyword rankings and alerts in real-time if there is a change you need to look at. With Zutrix, you can share live reports with teammates, view the white label reports, and use the keyword lab to get fresh ideas. You can track basic keywords for free or purchase plans to use the tool’s premium features. A full feature program is available for $ 9 per month. 

8. Pro Rank Tracker

Another unique tool in the list of top SEO rank tracker tools is the Pro rank tracker, which comes packed with many smooth features. The tool possesses the ability to track keywords, in any language, from any corner of the world. Unlike other tools, the Pro Rank Tracker lets you access the complete list of top 100 Google results for any keyword and incorporates important sites like Youtube and Amazon. The tool allows you to track 20 terms free for 30 days that includes premium features. After this, you can purchase a plan to retain the premium features or keep basic tracking free. 

9. Nightwatch

Formerly referred to as RankTrackr, Nightwatch enables you to search terms, maps and carousels in all search engines. The integrative tool also allows you to monitor the performance of different segments of keywords at all stages of a funnel. Apart from this, its integrated toolbox helps you discover new keywords, analyse & monitor all backlinks, and create & send reports. You can access the tool’s freelancer pack at $24 per month or purchase larger plans depending on your needs.

10. Traffic Travis

The unique monitoring apparatus of Traffic Travis analyses and diagnoses SEO and backlink problems and displays them in an easily accessible format to help you make quick fixes. What made Traffic Travis to the list of SEO rank tracker tools is the feature that enables its user to monitor competitor keywords and backlinks while keeping track of their own. It is 100% free to download and use for a few features, but you will require a pro account to use the unlimited features. 

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