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What is Organic Search Results & Why is it Important for Marketers?

If you’re reading this, you probably run a website for your business and think about traffic a lot.

Or maybe, you are planning to add a new piece of content and/or hone a page to boost its traffic, and eventually, its ranking? 

If yes, then you have landed at the right place.

As marketers, we understand how important traffic is for a website. 

Every time you refine a page, you are likely to check the number of new visitors on your website. Most often, you can’t help but think and check your traffic regularly or maybe obsessively.

However, as much as we think about it, we usually take the ‘sit back & watch approach’ to see our page’s traffic. After all, we cannot force people to visit our website, right?

But, getting traffic is not as simple as developing a website and definitely not as easy as sitting back and watching. To get up and running, you have to make efforts for driving traffic to your website.

If you want to go places with your website and business, it is essential to pull more traffic and greater visibility in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

But if you aren’t able to draw more traffic, you won’t have any new leads. And, without leads, you won’t get new customers for your business. 

So, if you’re thinking about how to get new visitors and leads for your website, Organic Search is the key.

Want to know more about Organic search results and why they are important? Read along!

What Does The Term ‘Organic Search’ Mean?

Organic search, also referred to as natural search, are unpaid search results that appear on SERPs when someone types a query. Organic search results indicate the channel of unpaid traffic created when searchers find your website on the search engine’s organic listing. 

These search results are generated based on various Search Engine Optimization (SEO) factors that include search queries, backlinks, domain authority and the site’s relevance. 

It is considered one of the main traffic sources marketers focus on, as once you succeed, it becomes a long-term source of traffic.

Although the organic search results strategy takes some time to deliver results, it’s likely to acquire more leads and generate revenue for the longer run. Also, it produces relevant traffic as you are answering the questions searchers ask. This assists you in making people aware of your brand if they aren’t already- leading to greater visibility in SERPs.

Why Is Organic Search Marketing Important for Marketers?

Search engines are probably the only platform where we can get all the information we require. As they are so important, we can’t think of living without them, and you are probably in the same boat.

But keeping in mind how much people use search engines daily, is listing on the top of organic search results as big a deal as we make it out to be? 

If you are a marketer, then it’s a yes.

Most people, after searching their query, never go past the first and second pages of search engines like Google. This is why the top spots in Google’s search pages are the ones every website owner covets. Higher ranks on SERPs means more visibility, which further leads to traffic.

Apart from gaining visibility, listing your website in organic search results has various other benefits. So if you are envisioning what they could be, we have enumerated a few for your convenience. Without further ado, let’s dive in-

  1. Acquire Highly-Qualified Leads

Although it’s good to have strength in numbers if it is about traffic, the things that cannot be quantified are just as important. Here, we are talking about quality. Of course, you would want visitors that convert into your customers, help you earn revenue and grow. 

But how do you ascertain the quality of your website’s visitors? Search Intent is the answer!

Any searcher that is looking for an answer to their query has a specific intent. And they expect to find content in the SERPs that satisfies their intent. If you are able to understand your visitor’s intent, then you can revolutionize your content and marketing techniques in several ways.  

Organic search marketing helps you acquire qualified leads that may convert into customers through your services. If you are on a bare-bones budget but use the right keywords and strategies for even one piece of content, you can save a coveted spot in the organic search results of SERPs.

      2.  Get high ROI with a sustainable approach

If you are acquainted with the term PPC i.e. Paid Per Click, you must be aware that it extends a fixed and modest Return on Investment. (ROI). Of course, you get quick results, but unfortunately, they are short-lived. 

On the other hand, if you invest in organic search optimization, you are investing in sustainable results. Although it acquires value over time, the results deliver a high ROI for a longer period. So once you establish visibility and grab a spot on the first page of a search engine, there’s no looking back. (Unless you are inconsistent with your efforts)

     3. Organic search strategies are cost-effective

PPCs are quite expensive. The amount of cash you have to pump in terms of investment, maintenance and manipulation for investing in PPCs requires a massive budget. While, if you work to improve your rank in the organic search results through strategies like keywords, content and backlinks, the same job can be done cost-effectively. 

However, do not mistake organic traffic to be free. Organic search marketing takes time, effort and money- but it is still more affordable than paid advertising and ensures a higher ROI in the long run.

Invest In Organic Search Marketing Today

Organic search marketing helps drive valuable traffic to your website and delivers the returns you are looking for. The traffic is used to convert more leads into your customers that will help you earn revenue. So if you are looking to grow your company, organic search marketing is the golden ticket to achieve this goal. 

At New Vision Digital, we have years of experience in organic search marketing. We are a digital marketing agency in Noida that specializes in SEO services. Our team employs the best methodologies to help you optimize your online presence and drive valuable traffic to your website.

Get connected with us to discuss your project today.

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