How to List your business on Google maps?

Posted by Aditya Chandra Srivastava
July 19, 2017
Category : Digital Marketing

Business in today’s time is not only limited to the existence of commercial spaces but to increase the demand of business globally through digitalization. Many big business giants have been able to increase their business by registering their company’s domain name on Google operated websites. Google’s websites have been able to generate more profits for the companies which operate their business online. Thus, it has become the hub of the social site which accounts for more than millions of companies registering their name and recreating the online businesses for themselves which have created a large amount of profits.

How to List your business on Google maps

There are some simple steps that can help you to list your business ventures more easily and effectively.

  1. Creation of free websites of your business ventures are possible in Google and is the most accessible form of registration. Create, edit and publish are the primary components constituting the name of your company’s website.
  2. Take a perfect look about the number of views your company’s website and web pages are getting. By logging into Google My Business, you would get the perfect tools in updating your company’s listing, website and you may also get engage with other customers hanging around the world. Through, Google My Business you can also update your company’s profile regularly.
  3. With the photos about your company’s product you may draw the attention of your customers and thus there will be upsurge in sales.
  4. Through the help of Google My Business you can also get the graphical review about the number of visitors visiting the portal of our company and yours brand will also get the cut above the edge.

We at New Vision Digital are the most abled and proficient groups of employees who have acquired the perfect digital knowledge and are expertized in social media networks. Being a business entity, we ourselves understand the value of remaining high in business and do provide the services with threshold frequency of dedicated efforts that would surely bear the fruits of prosperity in your business.

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How To Boost Facebook Post Effectively

Posted by Aditya Chandra Srivastava
July 18, 2017
Category : Digital Marketing, SMO

Facebook is the social media platform that has enabled many internet users to connect with other people staying around the world. With the emergence of Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and many other social networking sites have led many business hubs to promote their publicity online. Since Facebook has remained at the peak position among other social networking sites and has immensely gained the popularity that results in more usage of it by the millions of people. Posting a post is as easy as writing an article but the main problem that individual faces while posting a blog is an issue of getting the higher number of likes and views.


We at New Vision Digital would surely assist you in promoting your brands’ post and publicize it to the large sized audience. The first and foremost thing of promoting any post is to have a planned goal.

  • Brand awareness- Our social media operating staff would surely help in increasing your posts publicity on the basis of pay per click.
  • The working staff of New Vision Digital is highly expertized in making strategies that would make your posted post more likes, views and shares.
  • The social media experts of our company are well versed with tactics of gaining more website traffic to your specific posts.
  • Promotion plays a significant role in advertising of the brand digitally and in order to secure the need of promoting your posts, we have the team of social media experts who are expertized in promoting the posts highly.

To target right size of audience it is necessary to post the blogs for specific kind of audience which could increase the marketing of your content. Thus, it is highly recommendable to post the blogs while keeping few things specific like

  • If your posts are viewed and liked by your friends and followers then it would surely generate more profits for your brands.
  • Age and gender of people using a Facebook account to determine in boosting of the post. Let us assume, that if the company posted the blog requiring internships that would surely get more likes and comments by youth as compared to mid-age or old citizens.
  • If posts of your company are referring to any specific location then it would surely attract more people residing in that location.

Perfect timings of posting the posts are also important in terms of brand promotion and content marketing. Thus, if your companies have already running the websites, then we may surely assist your posts in getting the majority of likes and views. As our staff knows the exact time of day and enabling strategies that are beneficial in boosting your posts and at the same time would enhance the accomplishment of your brand.

For any kind of digital marketing services to connect with New Vision Digital at +91-9811407200 and mail us at info@newvisiondigital.co

7 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Businesses

Posted by Shreeya Upadhyay
July 03, 2017
Category : Digital Marketing

Customers are more interested in what’s online rather than offline. By utilizing some digital marketing strategies and you can be a top brand here. How so? With Digital Marketing tools and techniques, business owners have the best chances for competition, survival and even business growth.


Digital marketing important for businesses

New Vision Digital, the best company for digital marketing, has line down some key reasons which explains why internet marketing is important for businesses today–

1. Balance the level between big & small companies

Digital Marketing provides small & medium enterprises with the platform to compete against the big brands and attract their fair share of targeted traffic. It offers them the required resources to perform sales & marketing processes that were previously limited to large corporations and can effectively engage with multiple customers, locally or globally.

2. Cost-Effective Medium

Since small businesses have little resources & sometimes even capitalization, so Digital Marketing provides them with a better and cost-effective marketing channel that delivers results than traditional marketing.

3. Increases Conversions

The success of online marketing of businesses products and services is measured on the basis of the percentage rate of incoming traffic that gets converted into leads, subscribers or sales, depending on the intended purposes of your website. Without this conversion, all the traffic and marketing efforts are all waste.

Exploiting digital tools & techniques such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing, one can generate quick and effective communication and interaction with targeted audiences, which delivers better-than-average results in terms of higher conversion rates.

4. Generate Better Revenues

Higher conversion rates mean profitable benefits for your business in terms of better & higher revenues and better revenue means the chance for small & medium companies to expand their manpower & businesses, both locally and globally.

5. Platform to Interact with your Targeted Audience

Digital marketing tools provide you with the platform to interact with your targeted audiences in real time, thus, offer you an insight on what your targeted audiences want. This helps you make the right decisions and improve your services to provide your customers with a better experience, develop good relationships with them and gain their trust.

6. Builds Brand Reputation

For making you the best brand electronically, your targeted audience plays an important role. If you deliver what you propose & promised, then this will help you develop a better relationship with your targeted audiences. This will prove beneficial for your brand reputation, as satisfied customers will most likely tell other people about their experience with your brand. Thus, further opening new doors of opportunities for reaching bigger markets and attain business growth.

7. Better ROI for Your Marketing Investments

With better revenues & better branding, you get better Return on Investments (ROI). The more data and the more traffic you generate, the better your ROI will be.

We, being the top digital marketing company in Noida, are well versed with a wide range of web technologies and are capable enough to accomplish each and every requirement of responsive websites.

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4 Things You Should Prioritize When It Comes To SEO

Posted by Vikki Nayyar
June 24, 2017
Category : SEO

SEO is the next important procedure your website undergoes when it is fully implemented. It is done to increase the rank of your website on various search engines (Google, Bing etc…) by article submission, PDF submissions, classified websites and more.


You can’t just start anywhere with SEO and expect your rankings to increase; to succeed in your efforts you should prioritise certain SEO tasks which are:-

  • Quality content only! Say no to duplicate content

Avoid uploading duplicate content at all costs because it kills the visibility of your website as Google takes it as spam. As they say “The content is king”, develop content that is specifically intended for the visitors; it also increases your website traffic as well.

  • Responsive is the way to go

As nowadays searches take place more on mobile than on desktop; it is a must that a website is compatible with mobile platforms and moreover Google loves responsive websites!

  • User-friendly navigation

Don’t confuse people with your complex navigation; give them an easy & user-friendly experience so that they find what they need in time.

  • Being Indexed

You need to make sure that Google is crawling your website and hence you are showing up in SERPs; Google Webmaster tools are a great help for this!

New Vision Digital being the #1 Digital Marketing Agency understands that this is an era of cut throat competition & it is not easy for a website to obtain its best position; that’s why we provide you with the best SEO services in Noida with strategies that are bound to increase your website rankings effectively.

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360° Video Content: Stay Ahead Of The Game!

Posted by Vikki Nayyar
June 17, 2017
Category : video_marketing

Everyone has heard about 360° videos ever since its launch date (September 2015), about how it is made using omnidirectional camera shot so that the video can be viewed in every direction possible.  But many are not aware of its marketing potential.


When it was first launched, interesting results were found out by Facebook:-

  • It got a higher click-through rate.
  • It got more shares.
  • People got more followers when they published a 360° video.

What does this imply? People were enjoying it!

And why wouldn’t they? It was a combination of two perspectives immersion and engagement. That’s the beauty of it, it provides a unique and impactful experience and what made it more effective was the fact that the viewers could take direct control of the video with the touch of a finger.

So with this, I think brands should implement 360° videos for two main reasons:-

  • Gives your potential customer a new perspective of your product – When you go to an online e-commerce store and look for a product of your interest, how would you like to view it? With images? Or with a 360° perspective? The answer is obvious!
  • It impresses your potential customer to a certain extent– Well obviously, when you give them a 360° perspective of a product, they are going to get impressed!

360° videos are the new trend when in terms of recording & viewing it; it feels like you are actually there!

New Vision Digital #1 digital marketing agency based in Noida provides you with enticing and engaging content (Visual & Textual) when it comes to sharing it on various social media platforms.

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