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Digital Marketers and Tech workers are more productive in the WFH Economy


Working from Home (WFH) is a major cultural shift and also has become a major long-term economic shift that is here to stay. What started as a way to stay safe during COVID-19, has now become an indispensable part of our life. Companies have even proposed a permanent WFH culture in their office.

This particular decision can be viewed as the one responsible for some major impact on the overall commercial real estate, local retail, restaurants, hotels, etc. You might be wondering why Work from Home model is attracting attention and becoming companies’ favored choice.

On the grounds of productivity. WFH is deemed to be more productive. Managers expect remote employees to be more productive in WFH than working in-house. However, workers, on the contrary, report that office has a more productive environment for them as compared to working from home. Since, working from home comes with various distractions, from challenges with wifi, to handling daily chores, everything goes haywire for them. However, there are some major perks as well. The working hour boundary is lifted, the morning and afternoon commute troubles are eased. This allows employees to work better and more efficiently.

During the pandemic, workers have reportedly been working more hours than usual and have been feeling more stressed, fatigued, and burnt out. Fishbowl, a renowned social network carried out a survey with over 16,000 WFH employees. Less than 69% said they felt burnt out in the latest mode of working from home.

On industry level, 74% were tech workers and 73% were a part of advertising and marketing. Another query was “has working from home during the pandemic phase caused workplace burnout?” The answer to this, has been reportedly slightly more positive in case of women.

Working from Home

WFH burnout is the one that is costing company their employees. People are actively searching for a new job, since they feel burnt out. 44% amongst the Advertising sector, 43% healthcare sector and 42% finance sector, these were reportedly the top 3 sectors of work, where people said they were burnt out and actively trying to find a new and better opportunity to leave their current organization.

Fishbowl survey conducted with 18,000 workers across the company, found that WFH was definitely motivating working population to move or atleast consider making the shift from costly urban centers to the low rent locations. Technical and Digital marketing industry showed more signs of workers likely to make the big shift and move to a new city as compared to people from other industries. The survey also brought to light that men show more curiosity in moving out and relocating as compared to women.

The big shift which is going on a remote working model is all set to change the lives of technology and marketing workers forever in a dramatic way for some, and subtle for the others. Companies would turn towards a more geographically aligned talent pool and look for employees in a location with lower cost.

The 100% virtual nature of marketing agencies is also in process and will become a reality soon, if the current trends are to be believed. The office-free future is in talks already. Mentoring, employee development and collaboration would become the reality of most, if not all. The compressed funnels and a shooting deal making market for B2B has accelerated. We being a digital marketing service understand all that is required and all that lays ahead of us.

If you are a business looking for ways to strengthen your market presence, earn more recognition and get lucrative leads for your business then you must consult a Digital Marketing agency. New Vision Digital is a Digital Marketing firm helping people build their online presence with the help of SEO, SMO, ORM, Website Designing, and much more. You can contact us to get a quote on your preferred service. Our team is working virtually to offer you in-house experience even during COVID-19.

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