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Role Of Automation In Digital Marketing

Automation In Digital Marketing
Just as the field of Digital Marketing is ever so evolving, so is the field of automation. Automation is finding its place in every sphere and spectrum of life.  Every facet of the digital world is now dominated by automated technology. Digital Marketing automation can be of varied forms, Paid campaigning, email, and social media marketing. One might be perplexed by the range of features and technologies that awaits.

The implementation of automation in the Digital Marketing spectrum is greatly influencing jobs. Robots and AI are taking over different aspects of marketing. The tools and techniques available online are replacing man with software. Here’s how automation is taking over jobs in the digital marketing field-

  • Content Creation – AI is taking over content creation, curation and proofreading tasks. The automated content generation tools help curate articles and blogs on the topic of your choice.
  • Email – Email campaigns are handled by automated tools, they may be large scale or small scale campaigns. These tools aim at guiding the targeted and potential customers in the right direction.
  • Automated Advertising – The data collection, analytics and targeting are all empowered by AI tools. You still require manpower to write, design and monitor ads. This kind of job does have the power to replace jobs in the near future.


The end goal of any marketing strategy is to induce more business for the company which in turn yields revenue. To accomplish this essential task, it is imperative that you bring in more and more traffic through your website. Once the traffic is flowing in, you need to find the correct way to turn this traffic into profitable leads and finally turn them into customers. The automation part comes into play only at the final step, which is the conversion step.

Marketers are greatly at ease with the help of automation in the field of digital marketing, here’s how:

  • It helps generate leads, by converting targeted audience into loyal clients.
  • Lead nurturing and keeping them indulged is also aided by automation.
  • Marketing ROI is measured better with the help of automation.
  • Customers stay with the business for long term, this is also confirmed by marketing automation.


The choice of a correct digital marketing automation platform carefully blended with smart process alignment, and effectively nurturing the business needs, makes it possible to complete the puzzle. Here are some of the tools that businesses can incorporate to ease streamline their marketing functions:

  • to send out mails– This tool makes sending out personalized messages easy. It also helps track conversions take into account the new customers joined, and measure the growth based on the subscriptions.
  • HubSpot for everything – This inbound marketing tool is the pioneer that aids converting outbound traffic into inbound leads. From marketing sales, to streamlining the customer relationship management, the tool has a stack of products.
  • AdRoll to manage ad campaigns – it comes with a 2-week free trial. The key features include clear analytics, transparent segmentation, proper budgeting and customized targeting.

There are a few amongst the plenty of other tools available to automate the process of digital marketing. There are digital marketing companies that customizes a digital strategy to help grow your business. New Vision Digital is a leading Facebook advertising company in Delhi that strategically aids business growth using the right techniques and tools.

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